Grand Pigalle Hotel

March 07, 2016

Grand Pigalle Hotel Entrance - typicalben

Pigalle, the new heart of Paris. I'm really happy to be staying at Grand Pigalle Hotel, which is located in the 9th-arrondissement, for my last few nights in Paris. Such an amazing hotel and neighbourhood.

Grand Pigalle Hotel card

Upon checking in, saw this sweet handwritten note by the team welcoming my stay! ;)

I like the story of this hotel, which was inspired by a lifetime of friendship of 3 friends, spending the better part of the last decade dedicated to hospitality in cocktail bars, wine bars and restaurants, seeking to create a new kind of locale, one that is rich, cultivated, comfortable, and casual. And here you have it, Grand Pigalle Hotel. The ground floor is a space for reception and the wine bar, holding the spirit of “Bed & Beverage” reigns.

Grand Pigalle Hotel Bed - Typicalben

I love the room and most importantly, I LOVE the bed! It's one of the comfiest bed that I had ever slept in! The bed will literally mould to my body once I'm on it, making me hard to leave after. I even went to ask them about the bed and they told me that the mattresses are all handmade in Brittany. No wonder it's so good!

Grand Pigalle Hotel room

Original moulding, fireplaces, aged and textured wallpaper, brass lamps and handles that revives the eternal bohemian spirit of this artist-adored Parisian neighbourhood.

Grand Pigalle Hotel

Grand Pigalle Hotel bathroom

Beautiful bathroom tiles, I'm totally obsessed by it.

Grand Pigalle Hotel bathroom

Love the colours and simplicity to it.

Grand Pigalle Hotel floor

In the bathroom, under my feet...

Grand Pigalle Hotel Breakfast

Breakfast spread every morning!

I really had a good time staying at Grand Pigalle Hotel. A cosy and unique hotel which I would love to stay again when I'm back to Paris, and to explore the neighbourhood even more. They provided warm hospitality and helped us a lot on directions/recommendations. Had a wonderful stay and I can't wait to be back!

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  1. Really really good hotel. Recommended by a friend who knows Paris and knows his stuff. If you want to see Paris from the point of view of the informed, then head here.