Best moments with Vaya Tyffyn

April 12, 2017

typicalben with Vaya Tyffyn

We have been eating out so much that sometimes, we just want to have a nice comfort food from home.

Especially for students/working adults where we spend most of our time in school/office. Having that said, it's not that easy to find a good lunch box that is beautiful and at the same time, functional. I've personally tried bringing lunch box to work before and it turned out to be a mess. :/ Everything got leaked out when I placed it in my bag while I'm on my way to work and the food already turned cold by lunch time.

Yeah, not really a cool experience so I didn't do so after that anymore.

Vaya Tyffyn - Typicalben

If you also encounter such issues before and love bringing your food from home out to work, Vaya Tyffyn is the one for you! Vaya Tyffyn (1000ml) is a 3 container vacuum-insulated lunchbox designed to ensure that we get to enjoy our meal at its freshest. I recently just received it and have been trying it out to see if really works well.

Vaya Tyffyn - Food - Typicalben

Vaya Tyffyn is inspired by the great Indian tradition of the Dabbawalas, who bike stainless steel lunch boxes from tens of thousands of homes to office-goers across the city of Mumbai, Vaya has reinvented the tiffin box to create a sleek, functional and versatile product that packs the goodness of wholesome food. What's better is that it is made from stainless steel and uses vacuum insulation technology to keep your food either warm or cold for up to 5 hours! Below are some of the best moments with Vaya Tyffyn (1000ml) that I wish to share with you guys...

At home with Vaya Tyffyn

Vaya Tyffyn - Food - Typicalben

Not only serves as a lunch box, Vaya Tyffyn (1000ml) comes in handy as a food box at home.

Vaya Tyffyn - Food - Typicalben

After cooking the dishes, you can use Vaya Tyffyn (1000ml) to preserve the taste and freshness of the food hours with the double-walled high vacuum insulated stainless steel shell. It's perfect for me as sometimes my if my mum cooks dinner in the evening and by the time I came back home from work, the food already turned cold. And it's such a hassle to reheat everything all over again. With this, my mum now can use it as a food box once she cooked our dinner and I can still have it hot when I'm back home to eat them.

On-the-go with Vaya Tyffyn

Vaya Tyffyn sling bag - typicalben

Carrying fresh and inviting home-cooked food on-the-go is not an issue anymore!

Vaya Tyffyn mat

Vaya Tyffyn (1000ml) also comes with BagMat which also serves as a shoulder bag. Now you can carry the Tyffyn in style and when it’s time to eat, you can just simply unzip the BagMat to become a full table mat! The Bagmat has a layer of water resistant coating that makes it easy to wipe after any spills. Vaya Tyffyn (1000ml) also comes with leak resistant lids and positive pressure seals double-shot container lids to prevent any spillage when on the move.

At work with Vaya Tyffyn

Vaya Tyffyn - Work - Typicalben

Honestly, I'm getting pretty sick of eating outside food everyday for lunch time.

I'm sure some of you also have the same thoughts as me. With Vaya Tyffyn (1000ml), it will preserves the temperature of your food (warm or cold for 5 hours) and the partitions enable you to carry up to four different dishes. You can even share your lunch with your colleagues and friends now!

Showing love with Vaya Tyffyn

Vaya Tyffyn - Typicalben & Mum

Nothing beats the warmth of home-cooked food. Surprise your loved ones by whipping up a few dishes and packed it with Vaya Tyffyn (1000ml) to send the love. ;)


typicalben holding Vaya Tyffyn

Last but not least, Vaya Tyffyn (1000ml) is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Their stainless steel containers are reusable and the plastic lids are BPA free and FDA approved. Are you ready to have the best moments with Vaya Tyffyn? Do pop over to and buy the different designs and sizes of Vaya Tyffyn today!

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