Drink, Sip, Share with Vaya Drynk

October 16, 2018

typicalben Vaya Drynk Office
As I embarked on my journey into adulthood, some things become increasingly important to me. Managing my time, money and relationships. Most importantly, my health. Often, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we take our health for granted. One of the habits that I’ve consciously picked up is drinking plenty of water.

You’ve probably heard of all the benefits of drinking enough water throughout the day – maximised physical performance, increased energy levels and brain function. The list goes on....

typicalben with Vaya Drynk
For me, I make sure that I drink at least a glass of water when I wake up every morning. I also try to constantly remind myself to drink water when I’m at work, and it definitely helps when I have a stylish tumbler to keep my fluids in.

Drinking Water with Vaya Drynk

typicalben drinking from Vaya Drynk

typicalben drinking Vaya Drynk
I find that having a tumbler on my desk is a great reminder for me to hydrate myself and it works! I’ve been using Drynk from Vaya Life which features a one-of-a-kind insulation that keeps liquids hot for up to 12 hours or 18 hours cold.

Vaya Drynk With Tea
I usually love to drink hot drinks (Milo, hot chocolate, tea etc.), so it really comes in handy by keeping my drink warm throughout the day instead of having to change out.

Vaya Drynk sizes
It comes in 2 sizes, 350ml and 600ml. Perfect for working adults like us who are either out and about going for meetings, or even in the office. You can even use it for your post-workout shakes or when you get a drink at Starbucks (there’s a discount for using your own Tumbler). 

If you’re trying to go green like me, you’d be glad to know that you won’t see a straw in sight with their two interchangeable lids. Called Sipper and Gulper, they make drinking your favourite drinks a very different experience.

Vaya Drynk Sipper

Sipper has a magnetic lid to stop the lid from hitting your nose like many other tumblers. It also helps cover the ingenious spout area that allows for an ideal flow of liquids and ensures that it’s always hygienic. 

Vaya Drynk Sipper 2

Vaya Drynk Gulper

Gulper is the other detachable lid that essentially works like a cocktail shaker!

Vaya Drynk Gulper 2
The top is actually two small cups stacked on top of one another where you could pour the contents into. That makes guzzling down any drink so much easier!

Another great design feature that really sealed the deal for me was the shape of the body. Made with stainless steel, the body is perfectly shaped to fit into most car holders. As I’m always on the go, it’s important for me to have it sat within my arms reach when I’m dashing around the city in cars.

Vaya Drynk Close Up

The body is also textured in a way that makes holding the tumbler a breeze and the material allows for easy cleaning. With an anti-slip coaster base, I don’t have to worry about spillage on my work desk when things get a little hectic.

typicalben holding on Vaya Drynk

Vaya Drynk

It comes in various colours and I’m sure once you guys use it, it will become an essential item in your day-to-day activities. Check out Drynk and other useful products by Vaya Life here: https://vayalife.com/sg-en/products

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