Monday, March 23, 2015

Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew

RIP Mr Lee Kuan Yew Thank You LKY

Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Thank you for everything you've done for Singapore, all your efforts of transforming this little red dot from third to first world country. Thank you for making Singapore a country that belongs to all of us, regardless of race, language or religion. Rest in Peace Sir, you will always be remembered. #RIPLKY #ThankYouLKY

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With love, B.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

26th Birthday Celebration

Here comes the visuals for my birthday celebration this year!

I also wrote my birthday speech back in January (which is the month of my birthday), so for those who haven't read it yet, you can click to read it. ;) It's kinda like a short and concise version of my reflection of the past year and also, some heartfelt stuff that I wanted to say to you all. Anyway, I didn't made any plans for my birthday this year as I didn't want any party. I was thinking of a simple celebration with my friends and family would suffice. But little did I know, the person I love and my friends planned a birthday surprise for me one week before my birthday! It was really a shocking and huge surprise for me because I was totally clueless about it. No one actually gave me hints or leaked any information out at all. WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD AT KEEPING SECRETS FROM ME AH? So all along, I was kept in the dark since early December when they started planning for it omg.

Grand Hyatt Singapore‎

AM booked a room at Grand Hyatt for my birthday surprise, where all my friends will be there once I reached.

I really didn't expect anything because on the day itself, we were running errands in the afternoon and I was having a SUPER bad flu afterwards. So initially after dinner, I wanted to go home already. But I was told to go the Grand Hyatt for a drink before going back home and I was kinda unwilling? Because I'm having a very bad flu and I just wanna go home to rest?

But after that, I was eventually convinced to go ahead for a quick drink before heading back home. But I felt something was wrong when the lift opened up, it was all the hotel rooms (instead of a bar or something) and then when I was led into a dark room I wanted to scold and say, "Omg why are we here? Omg you booked a room for staycation you never tell me! I never bring all my stuff for a staycation eh!". That's what went through my mind and before I could say them out, the sliding door in the room opened up and all my close friends where in there! I was in utter shock at that moment and it has been quite long since I had such a surprise, so I was really touched. You can watch the birthday surprise video in my vlog below! Its at the last part of the video! ;)

typicalben making birthday wish Grand Hyatt Singapore‎

Making wishes with Ran holding the cake for me!
I realised I didn't made my wishes properly at that time because I was still caught in shock lol.

typicalben and friends Grand Hyatt Singapore‎

Group photo! Thank you everyone for making the effort to give me such a wonderful surprise. Lacking few of my other close friends though, if not it would have been perfect. But it's really a nice picture isn't it! Changed to an orange top because as it was prepared for me to change, if I want to, and I did because it will look better for the group photo.

typicalben unwrapping present

Opening up the present that they gotten for me! A new camera which I wanted to change for the longest time! *.*

typicalben with princess balloon

With the princess balloon that Ran gotten for me!

typicalben princess balloon

Thank you all that made it happened! So blessed! :')


family photo at birthday dinner

And on the actual day of my birthday, I celebrated it with my family!

soup restaurant vivo city

Went to have Chinese food because... "We love Chinese food, You know that it's true (Yeah)".

fruit birthday cake

A fruity birthday cake for me and my dad since his birthday is 1 day after me!

typicalben dad birthday celebration

Me and dad!

typicalben dad birthday cake

Hahaha candid photo of me as we wanted to make our wishes!

typicalben dad making wishes

Love this picture although both of us looked a little fake lol.

typicalben dad birthday

Awesome birthday this year and I hope to spend the rest of my birthday like this, with all the people I love! :)


Monday, March 02, 2015

Red x White x Checked

red and white checked shirt ootd typicalben

red and white checked shirt ootd typicalben

red and white checked shirt ootd typicalben

I always believe that with a couple of pants, you will be able to match it freely and achieve different styles with different kind of top. I love this grey pants of mine a lot as it is really versatile when it comes to pairing with different colours. I forgotten where did I get the top from online but... Pants: Topman | Belt: Uniqlo | Shoes: CH'IN 祺 | Watch: Daniel Wellington


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bean Boozled Challenge

Did the Bean Boozled Challenge with Randy on BenRanAway Channel! Our favourite is rotten eggs! Watch it below:


Friday, February 27, 2015

The Straits Times - Sunday Life! Feature

typicalben on the straits times cover

typicalben on the straits times

Thank you The Straits Times for the feature and Bryna for the story. ;)


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cleo Hair & Make

Back to my trusty salon, Cleo Hair and Make for my regular 'hair update' session! Had my usual trim and decided to do a subtle change to my hair colour after not dyeing it for about 6 months. To me it's considered really very long eh. Can't imagine how I even managed to colour my hair once every 2-4 weeks last time. Well, it's all back to basic now.

Adding subtle reddish copper tone to give it a little more texture.

And it's done! My new hairstylist, Yui have been cutting my hair for awhile now (my previous stylist Ai went back to Japan already) and I really like how she cuts my hair without me having to tell her much. Thanks for the new haircut and colour!

Anyway, honestly speaking, I really love the atmosphere at Cleo Hair & Make because whenever I stepped in there, its super chill, relax and the people there won't give you the tense and judgemental feeling. I don't know if you guys understand what I'm trying to say but you know the 'disgusting' feeling that you might get sometimes when you go to some salon? Where you can sense that the people there are pretty unfriendly and judgemental and the ambience in the salon is so tense and chaotic. It's so laid back here and we (and the other bloggers) always feel very happy and excited to go back there to have our hair done.

That's what I really feel lah because Cleo have been sponsoring me for so long and NEVER once they asked me to write anything about them before. Actually to other bloggers also, they never ever asked us to write for them at all. Yes, you must be surprised right. But they are really like that. And obviously all of us are happy with their services, thus will always mention about them. I really appreciate how they are super easy going and nice to work with! So hard to find nowadays! ;)

Oh hello, my used-to-be-greenie friend!

Taking random shots with my hairstylist together with my new hair!

The colour is really nice but because I wash my hair very frequently, so it became a lot brighter. Therefore, I went back to touch up and tone down the colour to darker tone again. #fickleminded #growingolder

Replenish my Miucota shampoo from them again, which currently I already finished using it! :O Time to go back soon!

Cleo Hair & Make
The Central Mall, Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-89a/92 Singapore 059817
Tel: 63385250

Met up with Amelia after I'm done with my hair! Her hair is so crazily long now!

Green x Pink x Blue x Grey

Went to have some tea after we had our early dinner at Mad for Garlic.

Truffle fries! Love love love!

Can't wait to update tomorrow with a Q&A post! :D


Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I find it really funny that some people are actually so insincere in doing things/work and when they made any mistakes, they don't even bother to apologise at all? Is it true that some people just simply 'get by' from doing their work and think it is okay to not hold responsibility on what they are supposed to do? Worse is that they actually expect people to behave in the direct opposite way from they are behaving. I also hate it when people talk down to someone, making it sound like you don't deserve anything that you might deserve/rightfully deserve/owned. Putting people down is such an awful act and it shouldn't even happen at all.

Anyway, just some random thought although I'm feeling very zen now lol. ;)

typicalben crossing road

Went to meet Isaac and Esther as they wanted to go to a dog cafe. It's my first time to a dog cafe!

typicalben dog cafe

Food isn't that fantastic (which was kinda expected?) because I think for all these themed cafes, people are there more for the experience than food. But I must say it's really quite fun feeding all the cute little furry kids with their food.

feeding dog

Look at how innocent this Golden Retriever looks? *.* If I were to get a dog for myself, I would definitely get Golden Retriever because they are so tame and sweet. The last I heard, the 2 Golden Retriever in the cafe is up for adoption.

typicalben feeding dogs

See!! All of them get so excited and made us excited as well hahaha!

typicalben feeding dogs

"Everyone will have one mouthful each, please be patient k!"

typicalben ootd

Outfit for the day! Wore the top and shoes that I got from Shanghai and pants from Topman.


typicalben smart attire

Finally planned a day to meet up with Minting and Chinhao! While waiting for Minting to end work, Chinhao helped me took some photos near Bali Lane as we were also going to go there for dinner later hahaha.

typicalben haji lane

#candid #notreallyagoodshot

typicalben minting chinhao haji lane

With Minting and Chinhao! Back to the place where we took a photo (click to see) at the exact spot 1.5 years back! If you are interested to read the entry of where we met up 1.5 years ago, you can read it here! ;)

korean rice

Went to have Korean food!

korean chicken

Korean fried chicken! Super yummy!

korean fried chicken

I love love love fried chicken!

kimchi soup

Thick and creamy kimchi soup!

typicalben selfie

Trying very hard to squeeze my dimple out and for it to be seen!

Mexican food

Had some light Mexican bites and drinks to end off the night.

chinhao typicalben minting

One last group picture before leaving! Can't wait to see them again soon!


typicalben jap food

Impromptu meet up with JJ and look how happy I am when I saw the fish that I ordered came!

nap food fish

Because it's really HUGE! YUM! :D



Being a nice brother *coughs*, specially made a trip out to town area to pass Ran his macbook charger because he forgotten to bring them and he needs to do work. Took a few picture before we parted and I especially love this blurred one!

typicalben ootd

Sweaters can never go wrong, never.

cafe hop

Went to have all day breakfast for dinner with Isaac and Duncan!

cafe hop

Mum is preparing dinner tonight and we are going to Lo Hei and she the Yu Sheng, she gonna do it herself! Homemade Yu Sheng! Waiting for Ran to be back then we can start dinner! Today is the seventh day of CNY, which is traditionally known as 'Ren Ri' (the common person's birthday), so everyone today grows one year older! So happy growing old and wiser to you and me! ;)