Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday celebration for my lovely angels

I know it's July now, but June is a crazy birthday month for me because many of my friend's birthday falls in that month. And for Fingers, since the 3 ladies birthday are so near to each other, we usually do celebrate them together! :)

Because all of us have been really busy this year, and we didn't managed to catch up much so we decided to do a simple birthday staycation! You know we really didn't meet up as much as compared to last time already, I remember last time we can meet at least once every 1 or 2 weeks but now sometimes we cannot have "full attendance" even until a month or so! I guess all of our lifestyle had changed and all of us are working adults now, busy with our work commitments etc.

Oh! Not forgetting those that is in relationship in our group, they also need to spend time with their boyfriend too. So it's very hard for all of us to come together sometimes due to our schedule. But of course we still do meet up with one another every week, just that all 5 of us is quite rare nowadays. Thus, we were all really excited for this staycation yay! :D

typicalben zj hotel

Me and Zj checked into the hotel room earlier because we got nothing to do in the day, whereas the 3 ladies had some plans in the morning/afternoon. So we decide to just check-in earlier and laze there while waiting for them to come!

typicalben park regis

Snapping picture with the full length mirror! *clicks*

park regis hotel singapore

The room! Yeah, it's pretty small but decent.

park regis hotel singapore room

Open concept for the washroom basin, which I don't really fancy?

typicalben selfie on bed

Time to rest on the bed! :3

flower cupcakes

No cakes but we went to get cupcakes for them!

cupcakes in flower designs

Not a fan of cupcakes but it's so pretty nonetheless! *.*

typicalben by the window

I love looking out of the window occasionally and watch the world go by. I've decided that my future house will be all transparent, so I can open up my curtain whenever I want to look outside hahaha!


Went for early dinner with Zj! Escargot for starters!

seafood gratin

My main course, seafood gratin.

seafood gratin ma mason

Looks really good right! I love gratin but this one is a little different from the ones I usually eat.

typicalben fingers june 2014

Finally the ladies arrived! Group photo time! :D

typicalben fingers june 2014

All of us are spending some quality time together! By quality time, I mean eating chips while watching movies throughout the night and half way we went Starbucks to get drinks lololol. Sounds quality to me though.

I just feel that quality time doesn't mean you need to do anything special or what. As long as we are spending the time together with the ones we love, no matter how we spent it, it is considered quality enough already.

angie ting kx making wish

Make a wish, make a wish!

angie ting kx

The ladies with their cupcakes! So glad that they are loving it!

fingers on bed typicalben

My bffs that I always love. Over 10 years of friendship. ♥


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Family staycation at Festive Hotel

I always cherish the time spent together with my family because living in such an era where everyone is busy with their work and various commitments, sometimes it can be hard for all of us to find a time where everyone can get together.

Sometimes even a proper dinner together is hard to plan already, let alone staycation. Mainly because our dad works as a taxi driver and he's working the night shift, so usually when we came back from school (last time), he had already gone to work. And he used to work everyday except Wednesday, so it's really hard for us to have much time together. I think we couldn't thank him more than enough on how hard he worked to raise us up by himself since my mum is a housewife.

Now that we both have graduated, it's time for us to work hard and let him relax already. I've been saving up for my school fees to return back to him because it really cost a bomb ($24k++) and I think that it's my duty to pay for my school fess and not his. What I'm really happy about is that recently our family have been spending a lot more time together which is really awesome! Cause finally we are pretty free now on weekdays since we graduated and my dad also changed his off days from 1 day (Wednesday) to 2 days (Monday and Tuesday). Ran then suggested a staycation together since we love staycation so much hahaha, where he somehow can get a better deal for it at Festive Hotel, RWS. So off we go! :D

festive hotel rws

I went to do my hair before meeting them and look at them, relaxing in the room without me!

festive hotel rws  toilet

The toilet. Kinda a mandatory shot whenever I stay at any hotel lol.

view from festive hotel res

The view from our hotel room, really pretty. Didn't expect such a nice view though.

PUTIEN Restaurant typicalben family

Dinner time at Putien Restaurant! We waited for almost 30-45mins, finally gotten a table!

PUTIEN Restaurant food

This is delicious! Fresh cockles!

PUTIEN Restaurant food 2

Chicken in fermented soybean paste, if I'm not wrong!

PUTIEN Restaurant food 3

Bitter gourd.

PUTIEN Restaurant food 4

Another veg dish, super yum also.

PUTIEN Restaurant food 5

Hope I'm not making you guys hungry. We also ordered this noodles dish to share!

just like it ice cream res

Then time for dessert! Ice Cream? :D

just like it res interior

typicalben just like it

Asked Ran to help me take pictures with their wallpaper cause it's really cute.

typicalben just like it shot

Another one with Ran's cap cause I was telling him my black cap like blend into the wallpaper hahaha!

just like it res ice cream

Popcorn ice cream with sweet toppings! *.*

hard rock cafe res live band

Ending off the night with live band at Hard Rock Cafe! Mummy's favourite! She have been nagging about wanting to go listen to live band but we always never go with her hahaha. Finally she happy liao hahaha!

hard rock cafe res randy and dad

Ran and dad!

hard rock cafe res

Our view from our seats, like not bad. Not too near or too far, just nice I think.

hard rock cafe res drinks

All our drinks is here!

hard rock cafe wings

I also ordered this buffalo wings for us to snack on! :p

Then that's how the night ended with mum and dad staying for the third set of the live band, and me and Ran went back to the room to wash up after the second set hahaha. Mum is very hyper and excited even when she came back to the room telling us the band is really good. Tbh they are quite good lah. So the next day, upon checking out we went for lunch!

family typicalben pancake res

Lunch time with really bad service though, so I'm not gonna mention their name. >:(

res pancake

I've always feel that making DIY pancakes is very lame hahaha. But since we are there, we must as well try. Like you know a family bonding session where we make pancakes together hahahaha. Gotten banana as our toppings!

pancake family res

The batter is buttermilk and the pancake just taste, normal. Hahaha.

typicalben randy pancake

Ran and me posing for picture, obviously. Cause I can't be holding on to that banana toppings all the way what, and needless to say... I can't be pouring the whole banana toppings onto the pan lol.

I shall go have my dinner and head out to meet Zj for Starbucks. I seriously think Starbucks have the best marketing strategy ever. Now we are trying to get 8 drinks to get the mini Starbucks frap card hahaha. And if you notice some changes to my site, I've more to say on that but I'll leave that to tomorrow k. See you guys again in a bit, yes a bit hahahaha!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Photoshoot for lookbook

Happy Saturday everyone!!!! :D Just woke up from a crazy dream and had cereal for breakfast with Ran trying to strangle me on my bed earlier lol. IS HE CRAZY? Cause he's trying to strangle me wtf. Although sometimes... I also quite like doing it to him too hahahaha. Anyway, I'm gonna head out later to meet JJ! Been quite some time since we met! But it's Saturday today omg, don't really like to head out on weekends but no choice because both of our schedule is so tight and we only make it today.

In another note, Ran is going overseas tomorrow! I also wanna go leh lol! I think he's like going to tour around Indonesia because he's going to Bintan and then fly to Jakarta after! I've never been to Jakarta before, and if after he came back he told me it's fun then maybe I'll go next time. Talking about travelling overseas, I'm FINALLY going BKK next month omg yay! Is like really finally finally, because I never been there before lol. But you know actually this time, I should be enjoying myself in France okay!!!! :/ But I cancelled my trip there due to some reasons which I'm going to let you all know.... TOMORROW! I mean for those who did follow me on my social media right, can roughly guess the reason already! :)

cleo photoshoot typicalben 2

Photoshoot for Cleo Hair & Make's lookbook months back!

cleo photoshoot typicalben

Thanks Sam jiejie for snapping these pictures for me! :D

cleo photoshoot typicalben 3

We only take upper body shot ah, so that explains my ugly shorts and socks lol!

cleo shoot with ai typicalben

My stylist Ai trying to help me to do some adjustment to my hair cause they are taking the back view of my hair too and I couldn't really see it! Anyway my hair is styled by myself that day for the shoot! :D

cleo photoshoot typicalben 4

And side view! Picture all taken by my phone so the quality is a little bad!

cleo photoshoot typicalben 5

Love the sweater that I'm wearing! *.*

Sam loan it from a Japanese label together with the white inner shirt and when I check the price of the sweater, it cost like $400/$500++ omg. But I'm super happy because I think it suits me so well and it's really my style which also looks good for the lookbook! Sam was telling me, when she saw it she immediately wanna get it for me for the shoot already! Not bad ah her! 这个朋友没有白交!

cleo shoot ai ben

Did a few shots with Ai, my stylist!

qiuqiu typicalben speishi randy rachell

Group photo with Qiuqiu, Peishi, Rachell and Ran!

rachell tan speishi randyys typicalben

After the photoshoot ended, we went to 126 for supper! Yums!

typicalben and ran selfie

Lunch with Ran the other day as we went to IDS for our review together before that!

prawn noodles singapore

Yummy prawn noodles at Novena area!

typicalben randy prawn noodles

Ran trying to take a selfie with... (X.X)

typicalben eating prawn noodles

Nom nom nom.....

ben at old school stall

Wore over a shirt and took a photo there before leaving!


Anyway, talking about IDS right! Previously I went for electro-surgery to do extractions of the "oil" hidden underneath my skin that causes all the stubborn acne! Dr SK Tan is the one doing it for me!


See all the clogged "oil" is being extracted out! :O


At the dispensary area to collect my products! On top of what I've gotten previously, I was also given a Cleansing Gel, Oil-Control Toner and an amazing Clear-Plus which will be coming out soon!

The Clear-Plus really helped my face a lot tbh and now my face is just slowly waiting for the acne marks to be gone with the help of Clear-Plus! Hopefully soon! Also currently, I'm not being sponsored by IDS Clinic but by JYSK Skin Solutions now for my visits/treatments/products! :D Okay okay okay, gonna go prepare and head out soon! Will blog again when I come back home tonight! See you guys later! :D