Sunday, September 14, 2014


I just got back home from attending a funeral of one of my distant relative.

It's the second this month and I think earlier this month, I did blogged about attending another funeral of my another distant relative too. You know every time after I attended a funeral, thoughts will start running through my mind and reminds me of how fragile our life can be. Both of my distant relatives were healthy before it all happened and they just suddenly passed away, just like that. Sometimes it just hurts me to know that, our life can be taken away in seconds, without any notice.

Reminder for all of us: We are all working hard, studying hard, earning money for our future but at the same time, we need to enjoy our life and do things that makes you happy because anything might happen the next minute, or even second.


typicalben stairs 2

"The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs."

typicalben stairs

Photo taken by Isaac! Miss my blue hair so much omg.

toy'r'us typicalben

Love this picture! Always good to relive some childhood from time to time. Kids nowadays don't really play with toys anymore, they play with smartphones and tablets. They are seriously missing out on so much awesome stuff!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Passion keeps you going

How many of us are actually passionate in what we do? Or we are just doing for the sake of doing it?

The other day, I heard this speech given by this special guest during Ran's convocation and it actually reminds me of the motto I always believe in and stand by for, which is "Always do the things you love and passionate about".

I guess it's really hard for all of us to say that we love every single thing that we are doing in our life, especially in Singapore, where everyone is conforming to the norms. You must go to school and with everyone telling you to go to collage and get a degree because....? Everyone in Singapore has a degree. People try to dress like everyone else because if you don't, you might get judged for being flamboyant and they will start talking behind your back. Everyone needs to work a 9-5 job and stick to this routine cause you have no choice not to work, you just have to. Work hard, save money and buy a flat.

There are way too many things that all of us are conforming to and for people that actually tried to live their own life, gets condemned and reprimanded. People will be telling them that they are not doing it right. No, it's not the right way because you need to study hard and go get a proper job, you need to do this and you need to do that.

But is there really a RIGHT way of living your life?

No, I don't think so.

I'm not saying that going to study and get a degree is not right, I'm not saying working 5 days a week and earning money to buy flat is not right, I'm not saying conforming to the norms and lead your life like everyone else is not right.

It is definitely okay but WHAT ABOUT those that are really passionate about something else?

What about those that know what they want to do in their life and they do not want to live like everyone else? Do we support them or do we advise them not to take the risk and ask them to follow what everyone else is doing?

I actually know of people that are like that in real life, these people know what they want in life but yet everyone around them kept on condemning and "brainwashing" him/her to live like everyone else. And many that are doing it are their family members or relatives, which I can understand why though. Because no parents in this world will want to see their kids suffer in life. They want them to have a good career and lead a good life, earn lots of money and to live better than they do.

But we must also know that, these people that know what they are passionate about things and know what they want to do in life are people that have chance to make it big! Doing something that you are really passionate about and love, will make you go far. If you are just doing for the sake of doing things then sooner or later, you will be so drained out and tired from it. It's always the passion that are inside you that pushes you through all the tough times.

So for those who are reading this now, and really know what you want in life, please work towards your dreams and goals! You will never know where it will lead you to. Always remember that passion is the one that will keep you going! :)


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Squirtle from Pokemon Center Tokyo!

Had chicken porridge for dinner earlier and it taste so so good! :D

Mummy cooked it and she even put a few slice of abalone together with it, which made me love it even more! *.* I love abalone! I guess I was really hungry, so I finished it quickly.... even though I'm not a fan of porridge usually hahahaha. Also, due to waking up early everyday recently, I get to eat more meals? Not just more meals but proper meals at proper time! Cause last time I only eat 2 meals max a day because by the time I woke up, it would be afternoon or late afternoon already. So it's a good thing! But if I can get to choose, I will choose to sleep in a little bit more (obviously). Maybe waking up at 10-11am is fine? Hahahaha. Now I've to wake up at 6.30-7am on weekdays... X_X That's why everyday I sleep really early.

Brandy recently passed me some stuff that he brought from Japan for me! As he's always flying around, he sometimes will pass me some stuff when we get to meet up. He also helped me to buy my Nicki Minaj's Minajesty perfume too!

squirtle chamander

He visited Pokemon Center Tokyo and gotten me these!

squirtle soft toy japan 4


squirtle soft toy japan  2

Holding it like a pokeball which I'm going to throw it on the ground to defeat the bad guys anytime lol.

squirtle soft toy japan  3

Omg this is making me sad cause it reminds me of my Asparagus, which sadly passed away 2 years back. :(

squirrel soft toy japan

japanese instant cup noodles

He also got me one instant cup noodles!

japanese instant cup noodles inside

IT IS SO YUMMY!!!! Wished he had given me a dozen or something hahahaha!
YES A DOZEN HAHAHAHA! Different flavour one also can! :x


Monday, September 01, 2014

Mookata Thai BBQ

The weather have been really good recently! Very cooling and chill, makes me wanna stay at home the whole day and snuggle up in my bed.... well, if only I can really do that then it would be awesome hahahaha! Been sleeping and waking up early everyday because of some new changes in life recently and it's something that I need time to adjust to. I guess it will be fine as soon as I get used to it! #ifpeoplecandoiticandoittoo #ificandoityoucandoittoo

Hahahaha the hashtags makes it sound like a motivational speech or something! :'D I know I've always been sharing everything with you guys but recently I realise, I don't want to share too much (in detail) until everything is stable and confirmed. A lot of amazing things happened recently and slowly you guys will get to know more about them! I cannot wait to share!!!

Anyway, went for mookata the other day with JJ and we always find it a hassle to decide what to eat. I think it happens to most of us right. Impromptu suggestion by me to eat mookata because it's been really long since I had it? I think got more than a year! So we called and made reservation and we got the very last seat! So lucky, because we realised for every time we want to eat at that particular restaurant, we always didn't managed to get to eat there due to it being full. -_-

mookata place

Reached and they only left outdoor seats!

typicalben jj mookata

Yay time to eat! Was so hungry that day!

mookata food

All the ingredients! At first I still thought that it's too little for us, end up is just nice!

mookata 2

Waiting for it to cook!

typicalben mookata

*patiently waiting*


Gobble up everything and we then head to town!

typicalben jj starbucks

Chilling at Starbucks!

typicalben jj zstarbucks

Just nice Zj and Angie were at town too! So Zj came to find us because Angie left early!

typicalben jj starbucks selfie

We then hang out till late and took a cab home hahahaha!

ON A RANDOM NOTE, I WANT TO GO OVERSEAS SOON EH! :( I mean I want to go to a country for a month or few months instead of just days or weeks! But I don't think I can do that now with my current commitment anyway. :/ Shall see how....


Sunday, August 31, 2014


Here are some behind the scene photos of our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video! :D

For those who didn't know, we were nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and after doing research on what ALS is about, we thought that why not we take up the challenge and at the same time, we can also spread and raise the awareness of ALS. Because before that, we don't even know anything about ALS and what ALS patients are going through.

I certainly do not think this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thing is useless or stupid because now, everyone around the world, somehow knows about it. I mean there are definitely people who still do not really understand what ALS is, since I don't think every single person did research and read up on that after they saw all the videos or being nominated and did the challenge. But at least I think, due to the challenge being viral, it really did brings more benefits to the ALS Association than before.

After we did the challenge, we decided to also donate $200 SGD to Children's Cancer Foundation - Singapore ( I know some people might be saying that since this is a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, we should donate it to ALS Association instead of other charitable organisation, if not it defeats the purpose. But what we hope is by doing this video, we can raise and spread the awareness about Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to people and at the same time encourages you guys to do a little good cause today. To me, I always think that no matter how you help (e.g volunteering), or how much you help and give back to the society, doesn't matter. As long as we have the heart to do it, it's good enough!


Bought a huge packet of ice from 7-11 and placed them in our bucket first!


Then after that, we started filming for the intro!


Getting ready......


And here......


....You goooooo!!!


Super super super cold!!!!


Look at all the ice cubes that are on the floor!



I don't know why am I pulling my shirt and it is kind of a natural reaction for me? Lol I think because it's very cold when the cold wet shirt is on my skin and I'm trying to pull the shirt away from it to make myself less cold? Hahahaha!



And Ran threw the pail away while I'm still holding onto it like, forever hahaha!


For those who haven't or didn't watch the video, here you goooooooo:


Monday, August 25, 2014


So today will be my convocation! Got to wake up really early later and reach school by 9am. I'm meeting JJ to cab down to school because we will be bringing our gown and stuff, too troublesome to take public transport. :'D

Quite sad that my bffs couldn't make it for my convocation because all of them are working. :( But it's okay, no choice actually..... cause if I'm working, I also don't think I can make it to theirs too. But my family will be there, so it's more than enough!! For some of my friends, their parents also couldn't make it due to work eh, so I think I'm very happy that all 3 of them are coming to my convocation! Okay, I think I better go sleep soon! Very happy today cause I bought a new bag and belt! I think I wanna go back and get the another belt that I'm contemplating to get earlier, maybe tomorrow or Tuesday (if I'm going out). Life is so so so good recently, that I can't complain about anything cause I'm so happy every single day! I feel so blessed and fortunate omg. I wish I can share every single details with you guys, but maybe not now. Soon I will!

Alright, I shall go sleep! Goodnighttttttt! Have a great Monday everyone! :D


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stefanie Sun 2014 Kepler World Tour - Singapore

Hello everyone! I’m writing this on the plane now because the flight to Bangkok is 2 hours and I realise I got nothing much to do, so I must as well write and update a little. The plane really smell quite bad tonight, not sure why. Maybe because I’m sitting near the lavatory or maybe is the smell of someone else’s feet around me, I don’t know. :/ But luckily the flight is just 2 hours, so I guess it’s still bearable… though I think I’m going to have headache soon lol.

Anyway, I went for Stefanie Sun’s concert back in July together with my bffs and I really enjoyed myself a lot.

I bought the tickets way before the public sales because I have friends from the fan club and they asked me whether do I wanna go together with them, so of course I want! Stefanie Sun have been (and is still) someone that is very inspirational to me, ever since I was young. I’ve been liking her since I was in primary school and that’s about 14 years. Liking someone for 14 years is really crazy long and if I’m married to her, I would have been together with her for 14 years already omg.

My love for her hasn’t change throughout the years because she inspire me in a lot of ways and allows me to really understand the different perspective of lives through her personal interviews and her social media accounts, like her blog etc. I think she is someone that most people like her not (just) for her looks but the music she produce, the way she carries herself, the messages that she spread to the public and the moral that she uphold.

Her music actually accompanied me throughout the years and even though Mandopop is not as glorious as it used to be now, I still think she produce quality music and works that she truly believe in which reflects in her album sales.

As you guys know Kpop craze is currently in the trend now and many Chinese singers actually tried to change their music direction or music video direction to something that is similar to Kpop or even their dressing as well. It seems like they are losing their originality and trying to leech on the popularity of Kpop. I’m not saying say it is bad thing or that it is wrong because I am also doing that subconsciously too. Like how I used to type a little bit of Korean words on my Instagram caption or Twitter update before or adding my Korean name that I translated from ’typicalben’ on my Instagram profile.

I mean it’s really hard not to jump in the bandwagon of leveraging the trend (because for sure, we know that there will greater response) but Stefanie Sun is a singer that doesn't do that at all. She still do what she believes in and do her own thing. I think all of us that like her, like her for who she is and I must say her songs (especially the her 抒情 ones) have always been touching and good ever since she started, from her first debut album.

Although lately I’ve been more into hip hop music, like Nicki Minaj, but whenever when I want to sing to Mandopop, I will always listen to Stefanie’s song. She is someone that is truly herself on stage and off stage, which is what I really admire. Because some celebrities or even famous bloggers/youtubers is different from what you see them on tv or on your computer screen and in real life.

Last time I used to really care about my image to the public, like when I first started doing #BenRanAway video with Ran, I used to think that... “Oh maybe I shouldn’t talk like that because people might not like it” or “Oh maybe I shouldn’t laugh like that because people might think that I’m very gross”. But after that I realised that, if I’m so conscious on saying anything or doing what I am always doing then it is so tedious and tiring for me.

Because on my blog, I just always write whatever I want to write and on video I would want to do the same thing too.

So after that I decided to just be myself and laugh like how I always laugh with my friends or family and talk like how I talk to everyone in real life when I’m doing videos. Because people who love you, will still love you for who you are. And if I want people to love me, I would rather them to love me for who I truly am, than putting up a fake front. I really think that those famous bloggers/youtubers that pretend to be nice to their “fans” (which is what they call them) but end up talking nasty stuff behind their “fans” back or making use of them is super gross. :/

Okay, I guess I sidetrack a little too much hahahaha! Back to the concert!

zj angie typicalben stefanie sun concert

Went to the concert with Angie and Zj! A quick selfie before we enter the new national stadium!

stefanie sun kepler singapore concert 2014

So excited yay!

stefanie sun kepler singapore concert 2014

And it started!!!!!!!!

stefanie sun kepler singapore concert 2014

stefanie sun kepler singapore concert 2014

All pictures were taken using my phone, sorry for the lousy quality. But luckily I'm seated at the second row, so it's really close! I was sitting with the fan club people and her family members, so the atmosphere there was really high!

stefanie sun kepler singapore concert 2014

Halfway through the concert, everyone dashed to the middle of the stage to see her omg.

stefanie sun kepler singapore concert 2014

Everyone using their phone's flashlight while she sang her new song, Kepler!

stefanie sun kepler singapore concert 2014

So prettyyyyyyyy!

stefanie sun kepler singapore concert 2014

More pictures of her!

stefanie sun kepler singapore concert 2014

typicalben guojie queen

With Queen and Guojie after the concert ended! :D
The concert was really good, especially when everyone sang along together. Love it!