Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Goodies from France!

Just got back home from meeting my friend today for dinner and had a great catch up session as usual!

I realise every catch up session will always a good one because we have been so busy and whenever we have the time to meet up, we will always have plenty to say. Anyway, something sad just happened to him lately, so I was there trying to listen to his story and kinda be his listening ear. I understand the feeling where you just need to share and rant everything out, hoping that the other party would just listen to you, when you are upset. I know that because I always do that when I'm sad and my bffs always will be there to listen to me and let me talk and rant for hours.

While listening to him and hearing his stories, it makes me realise how fortunate I am in some way, for that certain aspect in my life. I mean, I'm not here gloating about it or whatever (he's my friend duh!). But I just feel that sometimes after listening to people around us, about their stories, their complains and their troubles, it will make you feel that you are in fact pretty lucky and fortunate. We might know that we are, but sometimes things can get too comfortable and you might slowly take it for granted. Well, I just really want to see the people around me to be happy and I hope the next time I see him, he will be updating me about happy stuff. Because I believe that we all deserve to be with someone that makes you happy, someone who doesn't complicate your life and NOT someone that will hurt you and bring you down. :)

snacks from france

Anyway, some goodies from France! All of them looks so good, especially with the packaging.

macron france

Macrons which is pretty delicious!

biscuits France

Fancy a biscuit? Love their packaging!

biscuits France typicalben

The year is coming to an end and I already know my plans for 2015 already! I can't wait to share more and for those who love reading my blog and also love watching my videos, YOU GUYS WILL BE VERY HAPPY! Till then! ;)


Monday, November 10, 2014

KFC Cheesy Zinger & Cheesy Bandito

Cheese lovers alert!!!!

Our favourite Zinger burger and Bandito Pockett are now topped with the awesome KFC cheese sauce and a slice of cheese, giving it a satisfying cheesy twist! How awesome! Was really excited when I first knew about it because I'm sure most of you guys here know that I love cheese, and now that both the Zinger burger and Bandito Pockett are filled with cheese, I have no reason not to devour both of them! Went down to give it a try with Qiuqiu at Alexandra Retail Centre the other day!

kfc arc

The interior design and layout of the KFC outlet at Alexandra Retail Centre is pretty different from the ones that we usually go to, and I love all the small little details that they add to the restaurant to give their look a twist.

ultimate cheesy zinger box

And the reason why we were here for! The Ultimate Cheesy Zinger & Cheesy Bandito Boxes!

The Ultimate Box comes with either Cheesy Zinger or Cheesy Bandito + 1pc Chicken + 4pcs Onion Ring + 1 Medium Pepsi and also 1 free packet of Match Attax Football Trading Card, which allows you to win 2 return tickets to a BPL match LIVE in the UK (inclusive of 2 air tickets & 3 nights’ accommodation)! Which is really awesome, just imagine if I'm the lucky one!

So all we have to do is to look out for the Golden Ticket in our free packet of Match Attax Football Trading Card, and we might be the lucky one that will be flying to UK to catch the BPL match live! It just cannot get better than this!

typicalben kfc drinking

Found a really nice seat with nice view to have my Ultimate Cheesy Bandito Box!

typicalben kfc

typicalben ultimate cheesy box

Time to dig in! :D

ultimate cheesy  bandito box

Ultimate Cheesy Bandito Box!

ultimate cheesy bandito box unwrap

That comes with 1pc Chicken, 4 pcs Onion Rings and 1 Medium Pepsi (yes, and the Match Attax Football Trading Card too)! Personally I feel for both of the Ultimate Cheesy Box, I find it super satisfying and filling which is = value for money!

kfc onion rings

Love the onion rings! O.O

cheesy bandito

Look at all the cheese that is inside my Cheesy Bandito Pockett! It's really delicious and I'm getting hungry now! Together with the cheese now, it definitely elevates the taste of Bandito Pockett.

qiuqiu typicalben kfc

With Qiuqiu as we were about to finish our Cheesy Bandito Pockett!

ultimate cheesy zinger box

Next up, moving on to the Ultimate Cheesy Zinger Box (hahaha I sound like a glutton now)! Which also comes with 1pc Chicken, 4 pcs Onion Rings, 1 Medium Pepsi and a lucky chance to get the Golden Ticket to fly to UK!

cheesy zinger box

Luckily I'm sharing it with Madeline, because I'm already very full from finishing my Ultimate Cheesy Bandito Box earlier! But in the end, I couldn't resist the temptation and had half of the Cheesy Zinger burger too!

KFC_Match Attax_CRT_ZB_289x336-pf_N1.ai

After reading and seeing all the mouth-watering pictures, don't you think it's time to try them out if you haven't! The Ultimate Cheesy Bandito Box is only $7.90 and the Ultimate Cheesy Zinger Box is only at $8.30!
(Meal prices and bundles differ at selected KFC restaurants and for KFC Delivery)

Don't forget that you can also get a chance to win 2 tickets to a BPL match LIVE in the UK, with 2 air tickets & 3 nights’ accommodation inclusive! More details on www.kfc.com.sg


typicalben qiuqiu kfc entrance

Thank you KFC for having us and filling our stomach for the night! ;)


Sunday, November 09, 2014

Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria

Went to Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria for dinner after work few days back. I remember I've always wanted to dine there when I came across the restaurant previously, as it was pretty eye catching due to the blue tables and chairs and the overall deco of the restaurant. Anyway, I know it's been a month since I last updated and it's been killing me. For those who did followed me on Instagram would have know that I've actually started working in the real world, thus the lack of updates. x_x

But be prepared! Because awesome stuff and regular updates are coming your way! ;)

Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria

Pighin, “Pinot Grigio” DOC (2012) - starting to appreciate wine a little more.

Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria

Bread with dips as appetizer.

Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria

Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria

CUGINI - With fresh tomato, mozzarella, fontina cheese, Italian bacon & rocket salad.

Cugini Trattoria Pizzeria

(Southern style linguine with clams)

I always believe everything happen for a reason and what I'm going through now will be beneficial for myself in the future. I never regret any decisions I've made, in fact I always learn from them and make the best out of it. Goodnight!


Friday, October 10, 2014

CLEO A/W Photo Book Launch Event!

Hello everyone!!! Cleo Hair A/W Photobook Launch Event is happening
this Sunday, 12 October and below are the details!!


cleo event

peishi qiuqiu rachell randy typicalben

Come down to meet ME + Randy + Rachell + Qiuqiu and
receive a copy of the Autumn/Winter Photo Book!

(inside the photo book - there will be pictures of us and other hair models!)

Not only that, but Mago Saburou Japanese BBQ Restaurant will be providing finger food and desserts will provided by Kreme Couture! LOCO Photo Booth will also be there to take pictures for us and we can get to print them out instantly! :D

The first 50 guests can even get a free goodie bag! The goodie bag will consists of:

- A free exclusive new treatment by CLEO Hair & Make!
- Shopping vouchers by Rose Bullet!
- Dining vouchers by Mago Saburou
- Shampoo & Treatment bottles from Mucota!


Can't wait to see all of you guys on Sunday! For those who have #BenRanAway tee, you guys can also wear it to the event so we can spot you easily! Be sure to be there early for the goodie bag, which in my opinion, is quite worth it!


cleo event

See you guys!!! Will be live updating the event via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too! :D


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Eating Churros!

Goodnight ah! I was about to sleep but checking all my blog comments and tweets makes me really happy and excited that everyone is still anticipating my blog post, so.... I'm here writing again! :D

Pardon for all my short updates recently, it's quite sad to say I do not have the time to write as much as I could like before. I'm not sure if anyone of you here can guess the reason but I'm going to blog about it soon! Also, for those who miss me.... there will be a Cleo Hair & Make event this coming Sunday at Orchard Ion, level 4, Mago Saburou Japanese BBQ at 3pm!

For those who come right, you can get goodie bags, freebies and also the look book! I'll post up the details soon in my next blog post! I also posted this on Twitter earlier and so many of you replied telling me that you guys are coming omg. I'm so happy to see you all so supportive after so many years hahaha! YOU ALL WANNA MAKE ME CRY IS IT HAHAHA.

typicalben churros

Previously there was this sudden churros craze in Singapore and everyone around me wants to eat churros OR taking pictures of their churros and post it on Instagram! So I also joined in the craze to go eat churros hahahaha!

Dean & Deluca tea

Before that, I had brunch at Dean & Deluca! One of my favourite place but is always crowded now! :/

Dean & Deluca breaskfast

Mine! Just the usual big breakfast! *.*

Dean & Deluca brunch

Making me and you hungry at this hour lol.

churros Singapore

Churros for dessert! Which looks pathetically little but actually the serving is just nice.

typicalben with churros

:D I quite love ittttt!

churros Singapore 1

3 different dipping sauce!

churros Singapore orchard

Nah share with you! Alright, I better go sleep now! Stay tune later for this Sunday's event details! :D


Morning encounter

So I just witness something really horrible this morning.

While I was waiting for the train, I saw a lady elbowed a guy while he was trying to walk pass her!

It might be a small issue to some of you guys but to me, I find it really ridiculous. Such actions should not be tolerated! As the lady was queuing up to board the train (I'm really happy to see such improvements among Singaporeans cause I remember few years back, nobody will queue up orderly to board the train), she was the last person and behind her was a glass divider. And when the guy was trying to cross behind her by saying "excuse me", she actually didn't want to give way.

Probably worried that she might be out of the queue or scared that people might snatch her spot, she didn't want to give way to the guy. But if she didn't give way, not just the guy will be stuck.... but more than 10 people behind will be stuck and will cause a human jam near the escalator. So the guy eventually raise up his voice a little to say "excuse me", not in a rude way but just a little louder than before. Hoping and thinking that she might heard it and give way this time. She finally move a little to give way after the guy said it the second time but she gave him an elbow at his body while he walk past her.

I find it disgusted because I see the smirk in her face when she did that. How horrible can she be???!!

Why does she wanna ruin a stranger morning. Everyone else is just like her, trying to go to school/work in the morning and they just want to take the train as what they are entitled to. Everyone else also paid fares like her. Sometimes through all these small little actions, I see the bad in people. I feel that some people are just plain ridiculous because they just want to be mean to people as and when they feel like it. Seriously, we do not need them to do good deeds or volunteer themselves for charity, but at least be nice to people around them especially when they did not do any harm to you.

Okay I'm gonna abruptly end my rant now here! :)


Monday, September 29, 2014

Excuse me, I give awesome quotes #9!

typicalben shadow

"If you don't like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree."


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Classic Saint Laurent zip case with front card slots

Hello everyone!!!!! It's Saturday today and I'm up early!!!! Kinda feeling dreadful to wake up so early on weekends, since I'm already waking up so early everyday during the weekdays. :/ But no choice because I've to go for my regular cleaning and Invisalign check up at Omni Dental Centre. And I couldn't make it during the weekdays, so Saturday morning is the only alternative left. Thank you Omni Dental Centre for taking care of my teeth! Really happy to have them! ♥

Anyway, I'm now having some me-time which I think I haven't had for super long already.

Having a cup of chai tea latte, listening to Nicki Minaj's iHeartRadio Music Festival performance and using my laptop at some cafe alone now! :D Feeling quite good because it's been so long since I can sit down properly to do something I love, which is updating this space and sharing stuff with you guys. Oh yeah, I wanna show you guys my new wallet!!!!!!

Saint Laurent Paris - cardholder and oerfume

My new wallet from Saint Laurent! Actually it's more of a cardholder than a wallet but I wanted something compact and sleek, so when I saw this the other day at the store, I knew this is what I wanted! Finally found it!

Saint Laurent Paris - cardholder

I gotten the dark navy blue instead of black because I think it's so much nicer! The difference in real life (between the black and navy blue) is close to zero though, unless it compare it under bright light then you will see the difference.

Saint Laurent Paris - prefume

New fragrance to add on to all the fragrances that I have!

typicalben Saint Laurent Paris - cardholder

I've been using my previous Louis Vuitton wallet that my aunt bought for me as my birthday gift for over 7 years, so I reckon I'll be using this for few years too! I'm not a label whore but I believe a decent wallet is necessary!

Do you guys like my new wallet? Anyone plan on changing their wallet soon too? ;)