Friday, December 05, 2014

Shop on Groupon this Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la~

Christmas is coming soon and I know all of us are getting really excited about it! Are you? :D

I am definitely excited! Apart from being the festive holiday that we all enjoy celebrating with our love ones, it's also the time of the year where we embrace the spirit of giving and sharing! As they always say, no one has ever become poor from giving. Christmas is about bring joy and happiness to others! But the most common issue that all of us will face during this season, is where we do not know what gifts and presents to get for our friends and family! We cannot deny that buying gifts is such a headache at times, isn't it! And during this period, all the shopping malls will usually be flooded and packed with people even up till Christmas eve itself as people do their last minute shopping for Christmas presents.

I would really love to avoid the crazy shopping crowd, and for those who are having headache and still lacking of ideas what to get for your love ones this year, how about thinking out of the box and get some inspiring ideas from Groupon?

groupon website & mobile app

Who knows you might be able to get the perfect Christmas gift or even find out fun things to do with your friends or family this holiday season over there! And you can do your Christmas shopping at anytime and anywhere!

I've been browsing myself recently for gift ideas and I feel that it's really another experience to actually shop on Groupon for Christmas gifts! Other than having a huge variety of stuff where I basically can get for everyone on my Christmas list, it also made me realise that I can shop at my own comfort and at ease! And I must say they really have a lot of amazing gift ideas for everyone, no matter whether it's for young/old/man/women/kids! It really somehow got me covered! ;)

To be honest, I've never shopped on Groupon for Christmas gift before although I did shopped there on normal days, so this time round I'm going to try to shop there and see what I can get! Time to pamper ourselves and the people around us!

typicalben groupon

To be honest, I've never shopped on Groupon for Christmas gift before although I did shopped there on normal days, so this time round I'm going to try to shop there and see what I can get! Time to pamper ourselves and the people around us!

typicalben browsing groupon

I'm browsing all the great gift ideas at and after awhile, I've managed to find some great deals that I think I'm going to purchase for myself, and my family and friends! Let me show you guys what I've gotten!

groupon christmas

The first one is this 3-course set dinner at Haji Lane! And it's just $25 for a 3-course set dinner! I've gotten 2 so I can go it with my friend! Can't wait to go try it out because it's looking really delicious! :D

Well, I guess getting food as a gift will never go wrong! Who doesn't love to eat right?! One of the great idea that I have for those who do not know what tangible present to buy, you can always treat your friends and family for a Christmas dinner! There are tons of great deals over at Groupon for that and I'm sure it will also serve as a great gathering too!

groupon christmas

The next deal that I bought is this 100 mins Spa Indulgence in Mandarin Gallery!

This will serve as a really great gifts for your parents or friends who have been working so hard all the while for this whole year! It's definitely a great time for them to pamper, enjoy and relax themselves! I wanna bring my parents there too!

groupon christmas

I think I couldn't resist getting all the delicious food deals! I love eating crab and can anyone tell me that how delicious looking this Sri Lankan Roe Crab looks! I'm so getting it! Not just one but TWO, because I'm be sending one as gift!

typicalben buying groupon

Yes, when you think that the gift really suits your love ones and you wanna give them a surprise and buy them as presents, you can actually #giftgroupon to them and surprise them when they received and open up their mailbox!

groupon christmas

Upon checking out, you can actually click on "send as gift" and you can send them as gifts to your friends or family! I'm sending this gift to Peishi because I think she will love eating the crab as much as I do! :D

After you send the gift to them, they will get the voucher and they can use it whenever they want! I hope she do give me a call to go eat together after she see this though, so we can get to eat 2 huge crab together hahahaha!

groupon christmas

Last but not least, what is Christmas without a festive feast! This deal is super ideal for home parties and small gatherings and it can actually served up to 12pax! I really think it is super worth it omg! I'm so getting it as well! ;)

Shopping at Groupon is really easy too! It just takes a few clicks to buy the deals that you want!

First, just browse through the huge selection of deals at Groupon!

Saw something you want to buy? Click on it and "Buy Now"!
Because you never know when it is going to be sold out!

Create an account if you do not have it yet, if you do, just sign in!

Then you make the payment and the voucher will then be credited to your account and also your email too!

See it's that simple! ;)


Omg it's so amazing shopping at Groupon! I believe I still can buy even more because it is so simple to purchase gifts there and it is pretty much a one stop shop for Christmas shopping for me (and I'm sure it will be for you guys too)! I think for this year, I'll really just buy gifts from Groupon and send it to all my friends to surprise them! Bet they don't expect it!

Shopping for Christmas gifts become so much easier now at and what's better is that, we can also buy gifts on the go with Groupon’s award-winning mobile app as well! I really love the app and I have it on my phone all the while as I'll always check out all the great deals from them! Buying gifts on the go can save so much time too!

typicalben groupon

Gift an experience this year and give your loved ones something they’ll never forget! ;)

Start your Christmas shopping at today! Have fun!


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

A #NationOfKindness starts with ONE

I always believe that when you help others, you help yourself. Because it is impossible to not feel great when you do good for other people. :) That being said, I woke up really early on a Saturday few weeks back, where usually I'll get a little grumpy because weekends is the only days I can get to sleep in a little more. But when I woke up that morning, I was feeling excited instead as I know that the reason why I'm waking up this early is to do something really meaningful and to help other people. Got myself washed up, prepared quickly and then head down to the east side of Singapore to meet up with the rest! :D

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Our agenda today is to distribute Gardenia loaves door-to-door to needy households! It's so touching to see so many volunteers waking up this early on a weekend and get together to do a good cause for the society.

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

With Sheila and Joyce! After briefing and grouping up all the volunteers, we are all ready to go distribute the Gardenia loaves! Really excited because this is my first time going door-to-door to help the needy, thus I'm not sure what to expect!

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Things that might seems common to you, might means a lot to others.

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Time to start distributing! Let's go!

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Some of the levels are not accessible by lift, so we have to take the stairs.

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

We started by knocking on their doors, a little harder than usual because some of them might not be able to hear well since they are old. We also called out by telling them we are here to deliver bread while knocking on the door.

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

I couldn't really describe how I felt when I saw the elderly opened their door eventually and smiling so happily when they saw us. It's kinda emotional I must say, in a good way. Where little things like this can actually make their day!

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

After we completed the whole level as a group, we will move on to the next level!

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Some of the elderly also requested me to put the bread outside their corridor after thanking us, telling us that they will collect it later as they need some time to actually stand up and walk to the door. :')

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Moving on to the next block! We actually managed to cover quite a number of blocks that day! :D

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

A quick briefing again before we head up to continue to distribute the bread.

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Sometimes we got no answer, because nobody was in.

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Sometimes we got answer from them, but they rejected us without wanting the bread.

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

But what made me smile was seeing the elderly smile.

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

To deliver the bread to them....

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

And also to listen to their stories. Some of them are living alone, thus they might be lonely and need someone to talk to. I'm glad that I was there listening to them and hearing their troubles, worries, stories or even life advices to me.

I must say these experience that I had, is so different from what I've usually done in the past.

I know previously, we also did quite a few good cause together where we raise money and donated it to charitable organisation. The most recent one was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where we donated money to for charity after doing the video and also, the sale of #BenRanAway tee shirt where we did it together with all of you guys! We managed to raise a total of $1500 and we donated it to Singapore Children's Society which was really awesome! I'm really very happy and thankful that together, we have taken such a huge step to help the society and it actually means a lot to me. But physically going down to see all these elderly really evokes another kind of (great) feeling which I think many of us should also experience.

I know that many of us are busy with various commitments in life, but I must say this experience is really fulfilling and enriching for everyone and I hope that we are able to do something like this together in future! Hopefully I can plan something out with the SKM team and see what we can all do together! It will be really fun and meaningful! Can't wait! ;)

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Moving on to the last few blocks because all the cartons of Gardenia loaves were about to finish from distributing!

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Last few blocks and here we go! :D

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

"Hello aunty, uncle! We are here to deliver free bread! Free bread! Hello!"

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

I'll always try to wait a little longer after knocking and calling them because they might take time to walk to the door. And it is always true, most of them actually opened their door after some time. Glad that I waited a little longer for them.

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Saw this cute elderly sitting outside his corridor reading papers, who didn't managed to hear us until I got in front of him.

typicalben little boy singapore kindness movement

Made a new friend while distributing at one of the block! He's so adorable! *.*

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Today we can make someone's day! And did you know you can help too?
Yes, just by doing what you love and always do daily!

All these Gardenia loaves are actually raised by all the people that hashtag #NationOfKindness and they managed to raise 2000 loaves of bread to be given to the needy families (which was what we are doing, helping to distribute)! Thank you!

With the advent of smartphones, our lives have become deeply entwined with social media, and we’re constantly susceptible to the negativity that exists in this space. So a #NationOfKindness is to encourage all social media users (which is basically all of us) to post something kind. It can be a kind act carried out, kindness witnessed/received, or simply encouraging words for others on your social media platform. To simply put it, it wants to bring out the good in people even with your words!

So for every post with the hashtag of #NationOfKindness, the sponsors (F&N in November and Super in December), will pledged food items to be donated to needy households and to help the less fortunate. I did contribute too!

It's really simple and look, I've just contributed 2 posts which equals to 2 goodie bags for the needy!

On my Twitter and Facebook! Will also do it on my Instagram soon too!

It's such a simple act of including a hashtag and it can actually help raise goodie bags to help the less fortunate, I don't think why we all shouldn't do it! And you can also go to!/nation_of_kindness to check out the number of goodie bag raised so far and also all the social media posts with #NationOfKindness hashtag!

Yay already over 2000++ goodie bags raised for November!

And if you scroll down, you will see all the posts with #NationOfKindness hashtag!

Thank you everyone that did your part to help! And it's really easy, you just need to hashtag your social media posts! For those who haven't done it and wanna do your part, please join us today to spread the words and help raise more goodie bags!!/nation_of_kindness

Singapore Kindness Movement #nationofkindness - typicalben

Let's all do our part as a generous hashtagger and bring some joy to the less fortunate today! :)


Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey

I feel like I'm a superman lately! :'D Been doing work day and night and not getting enough sleep (like some days I only sleep about 2-3 hours) but... I'm actually very happy! I know it sounds tad cranky, but I really am! Still doing my best at work for my full-time day job and at the same time, counting down to my last day of work. It's less than a month now, so fast! Then at night after work or during weekends, I'll do my social media stuff, like advertorials/attend events etc.

So I'm pretty much occupied but yet it felt so fulfilling!

I'm happy because I'm doing pretty well over at my day job and at the same time, for my social media side, it's been pretty busy lately and there's also a lot of work to be done which is super awesome! I LOVE IT! Because it's something I really like to do, so sacrificing my sleep for this is not of an issue for me! ;) I remember someone recently told me that whenever I do my social media work, I will always have this smile on my face omg. I didn't even realise it! With all these work to do also means that clients appreciate my work and value my worth, so I'm feeling very blessed. Yup, how can I complain right!

Got no work to do then can complain, if you're busy... means it's good! So I shouldn't complain about being tired or what not. It is also not easy to be running in the game for so long as well (this blogosphere has changed so much), thus I feel that I'm really lucky! More of my experiences of my full-time day job in future post soon, after I leave okay!


Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey Hill 1

Went to Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey for dinner the other day!

Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey Hill

Had outdoor seats, though a little dark but the ambience there was pretty good.

Chopsuey Cafe

Chopsuey Cafe menu


typicalben selfie Chopsuey Cafe

Super bad lighting and the photoshop can only save that much. :/

drinks Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey Hill

Juice for the night!

prawn toasties - Chopsuey Cafe

Prawn Toasties!

Cooky's Pork Chop with Chips & Edamame - Chopsuey Cafe

Cooky's Pork Chop with Chips & Edamame.

Honey Ginger Chicken - Chopsuey Cafe

Honey Ginger Chicken.

dinner at Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey Hill

Overall verdict: It's more of like an 'atas' kind of zi char, food was good nonetheless! ;)