Friday, October 10, 2014

CLEO A/W Photo Book Launch Event!

Hello everyone!!! Cleo Hair A/W Photobook Launch Event is happening
this Sunday, 12 October and below are the details!!


cleo event

peishi qiuqiu rachell randy typicalben

Come down to meet ME + Randy + Rachell + Qiuqiu and
receive a copy of the Autumn/Winter Photo Book!

(inside the photo book - there will be pictures of us and other hair models!)

Not only that, but Mago Saburou Japanese BBQ Restaurant will be providing finger food and desserts will provided by Kreme Couture! LOCO Photo Booth will also be there to take pictures for us and we can get to print them out instantly! :D

The first 50 guests can even get a free goodie bag! The goodie bag will consists of:

- A free exclusive new treatment by CLEO Hair & Make!
- Shopping vouchers by Rose Bullet!
- Dining vouchers by Mago Saburou
- Shampoo & Treatment bottles from Mucota!


Can't wait to see all of you guys on Sunday! For those who have #BenRanAway tee, you guys can also wear it to the event so we can spot you easily! Be sure to be there early for the goodie bag, which in my opinion, is quite worth it!


cleo event

See you guys!!! Will be live updating the event via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too! :D


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Eating Churros!

Goodnight ah! I was about to sleep but checking all my blog comments and tweets makes me really happy and excited that everyone is still anticipating my blog post, so.... I'm here writing again! :D

Pardon for all my short updates recently, it's quite sad to say I do not have the time to write as much as I could like before. I'm not sure if anyone of you here can guess the reason but I'm going to blog about it soon! Also, for those who miss me.... there will be a Cleo Hair & Make event this coming Sunday at Orchard Ion, level 4, Mago Saburou Japanese BBQ at 3pm!

For those who come right, you can get goodie bags, freebies and also the look book! I'll post up the details soon in my next blog post! I also posted this on Twitter earlier and so many of you replied telling me that you guys are coming omg. I'm so happy to see you all so supportive after so many years hahaha! YOU ALL WANNA MAKE ME CRY IS IT HAHAHA.

typicalben churros

Previously there was this sudden churros craze in Singapore and everyone around me wants to eat churros OR taking pictures of their churros and post it on Instagram! So I also joined in the craze to go eat churros hahahaha!

Dean & Deluca tea

Before that, I had brunch at Dean & Deluca! One of my favourite place but is always crowded now! :/

Dean & Deluca breaskfast

Mine! Just the usual big breakfast! *.*

Dean & Deluca brunch

Making me and you hungry at this hour lol.

churros Singapore

Churros for dessert! Which looks pathetically little but actually the serving is just nice.

typicalben with churros

:D I quite love ittttt!

churros Singapore 1

3 different dipping sauce!

churros Singapore orchard

Nah share with you! Alright, I better go sleep now! Stay tune later for this Sunday's event details! :D


Morning encounter

So I just witness something really horrible this morning.

While I was waiting for the train, I saw a lady elbowed a guy while he was trying to walk pass her!

It might be a small issue to some of you guys but to me, I find it really ridiculous. Such actions should not be tolerated! As the lady was queuing up to board the train (I'm really happy to see such improvements among Singaporeans cause I remember few years back, nobody will queue up orderly to board the train), she was the last person and behind her was a glass divider. And when the guy was trying to cross behind her by saying "excuse me", she actually didn't want to give way.

Probably worried that she might be out of the queue or scared that people might snatch her spot, she didn't want to give way to the guy. But if she didn't give way, not just the guy will be stuck.... but more than 10 people behind will be stuck and will cause a human jam near the escalator. So the guy eventually raise up his voice a little to say "excuse me", not in a rude way but just a little louder than before. Hoping and thinking that she might heard it and give way this time. She finally move a little to give way after the guy said it the second time but she gave him an elbow at his body while he walk past her.

I find it disgusted because I see the smirk in her face when she did that. How horrible can she be???!!

Why does she wanna ruin a stranger morning. Everyone else is just like her, trying to go to school/work in the morning and they just want to take the train as what they are entitled to. Everyone else also paid fares like her. Sometimes through all these small little actions, I see the bad in people. I feel that some people are just plain ridiculous because they just want to be mean to people as and when they feel like it. Seriously, we do not need them to do good deeds or volunteer themselves for charity, but at least be nice to people around them especially when they did not do any harm to you.

Okay I'm gonna abruptly end my rant now here! :)


Monday, September 29, 2014

Excuse me, I give awesome quotes #9!

typicalben shadow

"If you don't like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree."


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Classic Saint Laurent zip case with front card slots

Hello everyone!!!!! It's Saturday today and I'm up early!!!! Kinda feeling dreadful to wake up so early on weekends, since I'm already waking up so early everyday during the weekdays. :/ But no choice because I've to go for my regular cleaning and Invisalign check up at Omni Dental Centre. And I couldn't make it during the weekdays, so Saturday morning is the only alternative left. Thank you Omni Dental Centre for taking care of my teeth! Really happy to have them! ♥

Anyway, I'm now having some me-time which I think I haven't had for super long already.

Having a cup of chai tea latte, listening to Nicki Minaj's iHeartRadio Music Festival performance and using my laptop at some cafe alone now! :D Feeling quite good because it's been so long since I can sit down properly to do something I love, which is updating this space and sharing stuff with you guys. Oh yeah, I wanna show you guys my new wallet!!!!!!

Saint Laurent Paris - cardholder and oerfume

My new wallet from Saint Laurent! Actually it's more of a cardholder than a wallet but I wanted something compact and sleek, so when I saw this the other day at the store, I knew this is what I wanted! Finally found it!

Saint Laurent Paris - cardholder

I gotten the dark navy blue instead of black because I think it's so much nicer! The difference in real life (between the black and navy blue) is close to zero though, unless it compare it under bright light then you will see the difference.

Saint Laurent Paris - prefume

New fragrance to add on to all the fragrances that I have!

typicalben Saint Laurent Paris - cardholder

I've been using my previous Louis Vuitton wallet that my aunt bought for me as my birthday gift for over 7 years, so I reckon I'll be using this for few years too! I'm not a label whore but I believe a decent wallet is necessary!

Do you guys like my new wallet? Anyone plan on changing their wallet soon too? ;)


Monday, September 22, 2014

UOB - Go Paperless, Go Online and Win Cash!


Hello everyone!!! I'm here today to share with you guys something fun that I did last week!! :D

Went down to Chevron House for a really fun event by UOB, where they actually encourages all of us to go online and go paperless with our bank statements and bills. And for that, I feel that it's pretty awesome because going paperless literally means that you are actually helping to save paper and at the same time, saving the earth (with lesser trees needed to be cut everyday). So when I heard about it, I was telling myself, I definitely must share it with you guys about it!

Because it is something I would do an opt for! I personally feel that it so much easier to check our bills and statement online nowadays since all of us are so internet savvy and always on our mobile phones or laptops! So why not right?

joe rachell typicalben qiuqiu glenn

Head down to the event with Rachell and Qiuqiu!
And here's a group photo of us with Joe and Glen as they were hosting the event!

typicalben uob event

And during the event itself, we also got to play the Toss & Win game and win prizes! For those of you who are reading this now, don't worry okay, you guys can also play it online and win cash prizes! Let you guys know more later!

typicalben queuing uob

Feeling pretty excited as I'm queuing up to play the Toss & Win game hahaha!

uob toss and win event

I noticed that the game is really simple, so I think a lot of people all win the prize eh.

typicalben playing uob event

Okay, it's my turn! Qiuqiu jiejie is beside me playing also!

typicalben playing uob event 2

We just have to shoot the crushed paper into the bin, and try to score as many points as possible!

typicalben playing at job toss and win event

It's so easy and fun! Want to guess how many points I scored??? 10 points!!! You guys can challenge me later if you want, and see if you can beat my score! ;) I think this also shows that going paperless is really easy and simple too!


Yay winner hahaha! Gonna go exchange for my prize!

typicalben qiuqiu jiejie

Qiuqiu also won! So both of us are going to exchange for our prize! :D

qiuqiu typicalben selfie

Yay exchanged for a voucher, which I went to buy soy milk after!

typicalben uob event

There is also another way to play the game, which is through this big screen and you can win a even better prize!

uob toss and win event

Everyone was getting really hyped up and excited, and all wanted to try to play!

typicalben uob event queue

We want to play too!!!! My turn next omg!

typicalben rachell tan qiu qiu

While waiting..... *snap snap*

typicalben uob event phone

Keyed in my name and I'm ready to go!!!

typicalben uob event play

And it started!!!! But to my disappointment......

qiuqiu typicalben rachell

I didn't managed to win this time round, while the 2 girls won!!! Whattttt!

rachell typicalben qiuqiu

They both each won a Coffee Bean card, so when we were asked for picture, I just took out my Mr Bean voucher that I won earlier to pose with it lolol! To think of it now, I felt that it was really funny because all 3 of us were very excited and enthusiastic that day when playing the Toss & Win game, cause we were like competing among each other hahaha.

typicalben uob event camera

All the happy smiles! We also managed to catch up with each other for a bit, so it's great! :D

typicalben uob event

During interview! Love this photo that Josh (Qiuqiu's husband) took for me!

rachell typicalben qiuqiu candid

With Rachell and Qiuqiu again! Love this picture so much, so candid! *.*

And now..... it's your turn to Toss & Win to win cash prizes and to challenge all of us with your score!!!!! They have S$66,000 cash up for grabs, so play on your smartphone or computer now!


First, go to to play!


And here's the game instruction! Simple and easy!


I tried to play it again and this time round........


I gotten 9 points!!! Which means I'm qualified for a prize yay!!!



typicalben qiuqiu rachell

So come join us and play the UOB Toss & Win game from now until 31 October to win cash !

It's time to transact online and be rewarded! At the same time, toss out the hassle of paper statements and bills and enjoy the convenience of online banking! :D


Sunday, September 14, 2014


I just got back home from attending a funeral of one of my distant relative.

It's the second this month and I think earlier this month, I did blogged about attending another funeral of my another distant relative too. You know every time after I attended a funeral, thoughts will start running through my mind and reminds me of how fragile our life can be. Both of my distant relatives were healthy before it all happened and they just suddenly passed away, just like that. Sometimes it just hurts me to know that, our life can be taken away in seconds, without any notice.

Reminder for all of us: We are all working hard, studying hard, earning money for our future but at the same time, we need to enjoy our life and do things that makes you happy because anything might happen the next minute, or even second.


typicalben stairs 2

"The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs."

typicalben stairs

Photo taken by Isaac! Miss my blue hair so much omg.

toy'r'us typicalben

Love this picture! Always good to relive some childhood from time to time. Kids nowadays don't really play with toys anymore, they play with smartphones and tablets. They are seriously missing out on so much awesome stuff!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Passion keeps you going

How many of us are actually passionate in what we do? Or we are just doing for the sake of doing it?

The other day, I heard this speech given by this special guest during Ran's convocation and it actually reminds me of the motto I always believe in and stand by for, which is "Always do the things you love and passionate about".

I guess it's really hard for all of us to say that we love every single thing that we are doing in our life, especially in Singapore, where everyone is conforming to the norms. You must go to school and with everyone telling you to go to collage and get a degree because....? Everyone in Singapore has a degree. People try to dress like everyone else because if you don't, you might get judged for being flamboyant and they will start talking behind your back. Everyone needs to work a 9-5 job and stick to this routine cause you have no choice not to work, you just have to. Work hard, save money and buy a flat.

There are way too many things that all of us are conforming to and for people that actually tried to live their own life, gets condemned and reprimanded. People will be telling them that they are not doing it right. No, it's not the right way because you need to study hard and go get a proper job, you need to do this and you need to do that.

But is there really a RIGHT way of living your life?

No, I don't think so.

I'm not saying that going to study and get a degree is not right, I'm not saying working 5 days a week and earning money to buy flat is not right, I'm not saying conforming to the norms and lead your life like everyone else is not right.

It is definitely okay but WHAT ABOUT those that are really passionate about something else?

What about those that know what they want to do in their life and they do not want to live like everyone else? Do we support them or do we advise them not to take the risk and ask them to follow what everyone else is doing?

I actually know of people that are like that in real life, these people know what they want in life but yet everyone around them kept on condemning and "brainwashing" him/her to live like everyone else. And many that are doing it are their family members or relatives, which I can understand why though. Because no parents in this world will want to see their kids suffer in life. They want them to have a good career and lead a good life, earn lots of money and to live better than they do.

But we must also know that, these people that know what they are passionate about things and know what they want to do in life are people that have chance to make it big! Doing something that you are really passionate about and love, will make you go far. If you are just doing for the sake of doing things then sooner or later, you will be so drained out and tired from it. It's always the passion that are inside you that pushes you through all the tough times.

So for those who are reading this now, and really know what you want in life, please work towards your dreams and goals! You will never know where it will lead you to. Always remember that passion is the one that will keep you going! :)