Facial Treatment with PISCES Wellness

March 02, 2021

Hello everyone! As you all know having regular facial treatment helps to remove all the gunk and buildup in your pores that lead to blackheads, pimples and scarring - so I went to PISCES Wellness last year from July-Dec 2020 every month for regular facial and I did see my skin condition improved + look fresher.


PISCES Wellness uses a holistic approach to enable our customers to achieve their ideal figure and healthy glowing skin from within. They are located at Jurong point and they even have onsen therapy for ladies!

This is their consultation room - where they will analyse your skin condition and recommend you the best treatment based on it!

And here's the treatment room!

The treatment that I did the most was "Venus Legacy" and "Venus Eyes"! Will share more about the treatment below but before that, they always start of by cleansing your face.

I love facial massage haha!

Starting Venus Legacy treatment! It's a non-invasive facial renewal treatment that provides a deep clean for skin by using a powerful tri-modality design to open up, deep-clean, and treat the pores.

The treatment is powered by a gentle vacuum that simultaneously gently pulls the skin to open the pores by removing these impurities from the stratum corneum. The result is a complexion that immediately looks healthier, brighter, and more revitalised!

Thank you PISCES Wellness for taking care of my skin for the past 6 months! :) For more details, feel free to check them out here: https://www.pisceswellness.com.sg


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