January 22, 2006

heyy. HELLOO !! ytd was like darnn shitty. 21st JAN i actualli meetin kx, angie and aaron they all to go for SP de open house.

BUT i slept until 3.50pm sia. cause i'm like so farkin tiredd okay. after all da work and stuff. arghhh. then we hab a family outin. we went to queensway there to eat. i treatt my whole family cause i got my pay liao mar.

so i'm just tryin or i'm a GDD BOYY lor. wahahaha. then we eat eat eat then we went ikea to shop and queensway shopping centree. and me and my daddy BOUGHT DA SAME SHOEE!!

REDD REDD !! i like my orangeeey shoes and my chicken little shoess.

muhaha. this shoe i like anyhow buy de -.- .

then today mornin went to MARKET to eat with my famliy. LOL.

it's like so family-ingg right. then was fun actualli. wanted to buy alot of chicken little stufff de.

ermmms. and I DIDN GO FOR YZ FC DE THINGYO. psps. i cant make it. LOL. lala ish goin to like -.- again. lalalaaaaa.

takecareo everyonee. =DD

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