it isn tt badd

April 29, 2006

okay. up till now. one weeks hab pass. and it isn tt bad afterall xD

our class ish quited a fun and cheerful ones.

haha. and thurs we hab IS. and for S&W. we hab to choose a sports lar. and learn it. and i chosee tennis. lol. well. i guess it'll be funn and after learin it for like 10 weeks. we can go cy house play tennis for REAL. if not we will be either anyhow play or keep pick up balls nia.

haha. up till now cca was like -.- . i haben even choose one. there's like projects and homework comin. lol. maths already got liao. and i haben even do it. haha

LOL. now i found out tt my shirts can last me for like two weeks or more. but some i dunch think it's like suitable to go sch wear lar. ppl will think i'm madd. haha.

i went jp ytd with zj and angie. ermm then ting after her project work come find us. we ate mos buger. haha. and i bought da lappy pouch for like 24plus? yucks la. i should hab bought it in sch cause it's cheaper and same but no choice since now it like OUT OF STOCK. argg.

i'm like offically BROKE. so i cant really spend.

and can i say i miss you?


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