June 27, 2006

lols. HEY all.

i'm now currently now at PDI studio.

if you dunch know where ish it. it's at np lar. block 44 =.<

which you hab to like climb mountains. LOL. hill lar. (:

if you wan see how it looks like or you dunch mind accomapny ME climb can come find me =x

ytd ish da first time i bought da soccer bet. i bought swiss will win than da urkaine leh. but then

I LOSE >.<

it's a DRAW. but final ish like 0-1 lar. -.-

da thingy ish not abt da money because me and angie share da money. so each of us like only gib 2.50 bucks ?

da thingy ish SWITZERLAND LOST ?? lols. actually i dunch really like support them. i like BRAZIL more =p

but cause i like da country and stuff. =DD


i'm like FREAKING TIRED RECENTLY -.- totally tired. so today i skipped 2hours of maths lesson but actuall i woke up on time. just too tired to wake up.

when i walk in to sch for HPD lesoon. i sweat like FREAKING HELL!!!!!!

today's HPD presentation ish okay i guess. (: LUCKY =DD

here are some random and nice pictures for our projects and stuff. some pictures are frm brandon, james and lindsay xD

OHYA. not forgettingg to advertise my friendster accounts

FIRST account

SECOND account

B1HB2CB account

lols. i'm ACTIVE at my second account only (:

but do add in da other accounts if you wan.


now i'm at home continue with my post. we didn went for VTDS. we pon again and we went to watch scary movie4 at lotone. wahaha. i laugh so freakin LOUD at da wresting part.

tt bite off ear one. then i laugh really loud then everyone was like see me and also laugh with me even change scene liao i still laugh.

i dunch know why? just wan stay happy ? =D


ADAM : I <3 poly life =DD . OEI ! rmb our 'DATE' (:

PINKBEE : i'm NOT zi lian =x lols. thanks. da limegreen ish purposely de. HEYHEY. dunch you know tt's my STYLE ? =D

PASSER-BY : THANKS SO MUCH. haha. did i say no one will read my blog ? >.< but i'm like so extrem happy to hear frm you tt it become a daily routine for you to visit my blog even though i dunch know who are you. i'll update more often. thanks so much again xD

CHERII : lols. thanks(: i was like kanna SAID tt i was a PERVERT -.- cause i keep take pictures at toilet.

AILEEN : AWW. i miss saxophone section SOOO MUCH. xD SHUT !!!!!!

HUIYAN : lols. THANKS. yr blog ish gettin interesting tooo. =DD

GRANDPA : wahaha. ah gong!!!!!!!! AS IF YOU GIB ME ANY MONEY. can you please die sooner ? -.- i'll catch you on HEY HEY taxi this week =DD

SHIHUI : lols. SHIHUI ! cause i saw you link-ing mee. so link you back lor. i'm being nice =x

ME(: : HEYY! thanks for tagging. you are ? =x but thanks for coming (:

CINDII : done linkin you =DD NICE blog you hab. erms. i think you're already in my contact list long ago ? >.<

ANGIE : lols. cause orangiee got yr name !! wahaha. thanks so much for helpin me spray my hair black every sat =D


RANDY : dunch be sad abt yr hair okay. dunch wan see you like sad at home. i cant really lend you my lappy now lee cause need bring to sch (:

VIVIAN : okay. i wun buy for you K750i and i know you kanna kick out frm NP =DD

=D : lols. can i say i lub you too ? =x

WEILIN : lols. orange ish sick liao. must let him rest. hahaha. so log nv see you. habin o's this year right? JIAYOU xD


DAZ : lols. i look so SKINNY in tt pic -.-

IZ-A : I CHANGE LIAOS. but still wrong ar. wahahahahas. i <3 callin ppl wrong names.

HUIIJUN : hey =D. you aree ? thanks for readin (:


i dunch care >.<

TAKECARE EVERYONE. thanks for reading <3

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