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October 13, 2006

WTH. i just woke up like NOW -.- and now it's 4pm. i'm super tired lately. i've been going town EVERYDAY. SUPER SHAGGGG can >.<

what worse is that i've been sleeping like 5am everyday. talking on phone with friends or online =D okay. i got to adjust back as school's starting and i dont want to have freaking dark eye ring as its getting worse day by day.

i'm scared that from this current state

and i continue to sleep LATE every night i will becomeee

LIKE THIS ! ARGHHHHH~ okay i will try to sleep EARLY >.<

THE DAMN-EST thing is yesterday. i went for interview with lindy. and FUCK THE manager of the company. he make me damn pissed off by the stuff he say.

this job doesnt have basic pay and we dont really like the job and so i say i want to consider first. but lindy say she dont want this job. and the manager said.

'if you have no doubt that means you can start work already'

'tell me why you dont want to work'

'there should be a reason why you dont like this job'

AND HE KEEP ON FORCING HER TO WORK LARH. FUCKING! is there a MANAGER WHO FORCE someone who dont like the job to work. there should be something wrong with the company can. should be no people wants to work there and they are freaking desperate. FREAKING~~~~

he said something to ME like ...

'lucky i didnt stay in cck if not there's people like you, over friendly'


so i dont think why should i be nice to him and suck up to him. therefore, i'm freaking RUDE to him. i just talk back to him. so what if he's the manager? he doesnt even respect us so why should we respect him. lindy said that i hella rude, but i just dont care. GET A LIFE LAH, FREAKING MANAGER -.- yawnns.

that incident make me miss working at John Little more ...

i seriously had so much fun working there. SO MUCH xD

okay. i shall end here. thanks people for reading + tagging + love my new blogskin. hahaha. takecare (:



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