the hush series.

December 26, 2006

i wanted to say chirstmas is over!

but someone reminded me that christmas last for 12 days.
okay. fine.

this year christmas eve, went to work as per usual. cause it's a sunday but glad that it ended at 7pm for me cause every sunday i work morning shift.
then after that i change and went to meet 'fingers', we went to have our dinner and slack around until 2am.
then we went kbox, till morning 6am! we had so much fun and i lose my voice lahhh.
cause i kept shouting and we were fucking HIGH and indeed fun.

derrickWEE called me and met me after that cause i dont know why he want to meet also lah. then we had our breakfast at Plaza Singapura.
macdonald breakfast.
and I ATE HAPPY MEAL, cause i never eat before breakfast happy meal!

we went home after that and i slept for fucking 13 hours.
13 hours! since dont know when i have slept so long.
so on christmas day itself, i spend it in my dreamland. actually plan to meet up poly mates to celebrate but guess everyone is sleeping ah!

thanks people for ALL the presents, the greetings that you all have send me through any mean and those christmas card you all send me ;D

i think i had a great christmas this year! pictures will be up soon. yay!

well, detailed enough anot people? stop saying i only post pictures and no words.

how people clear the dirt inside their fingernails?

by using a ruler. (freaking unglam right! *laughs*)

buy honey star and you will get this!

hahaha. it's freaking HUGE! it just remind me of my nose.
ARGHHHH. i also want a nose job! HA! fart it. i'm just kidding.

shall end here for now. thanks people for reading and tagging.


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