May 06, 2007

before i start blogging about IKEA, i want to say ...


okay, back to the topic.

it's always fun going to IKEA even if you are
not planning to buy any stuff there.

yup. went IKEA with Isaac the chicken cassi.
it was fun and i was really tempted to buy all the nice stuff there!

we saw a cute little girl, having the same haircut like mine.

and we end up playing with her!!!
BUT she keep on trying to use the swinging chair to hit me luh -.-

of course, some silly acts like ....

which some i used it on my this current blogskin :D

me & Isaac

the reflection cant even see my face!

i photoshoped till too white i guess :x

we had our dinner there and getting a place to sit is tough.
it's super packed there! i really wonder if the food taste that superb.

which i think its only so-so.


quoted from Issac that our socks colour is the same as the IKEA logo.

i think his Chinese Zodiac is Monkey.

next time if i want to go IKEA, i would rather go with my parents.
cause ......

whatever i want, i can tell them. and MAYBE they will buy for me.
HOW GREAT RIGHT?! yes. but maybe only.

and also not with my bag!! i wouldnt go there straight after school anymore!

p/s: i already took down the usage of my tagboard! but now you can leave comments at the end of my entries! :D


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