June 20, 2007

Try doing this when you are angry!

Scribble down all the words that you wanted to scold or rant on a piece of paper.

p/s: Recycle! Use 'used' paper or unwanted paper!

Tear the paper with the pen tip or just tear it! =x

Tear the paper out from the book (if it is from a book)


YAY! All your anger are gone now! :D

But I think it don't really help much? LOL.


The name of the director of this movie is same as mine!

So now you see, how typical my name can get! Damnit!

p/s/s: Thanks, its from the comment from '03'.


Felicia Chin look so hot now!

Look at the 8 Days cover! (Last week issue)

She did change alot since when she first started out.

But who cares?

She's one pretty babe now. She's just soooooooooo natural!

and the greastest thing of all ....

she loves me! *smile*


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