June 02, 2007


Actually I've got no new pictures to put up though! cause my handphone is still on servicing! but later i can go collect my handphone already! which means no more ....

therefore more more more pictures will be up soon! yes yes yes.
i know the last entry was pretty lame though.

I went to dig up some old pictures which i never posted it on my blog before. Actually it's not very old lah, just not that new!

Then i found many emo shot!

That time my hair was long!!! I was shocked to see how long my hair was, when i am browsing through the pictures.

Not his middle finger but my hair!


While I was in school having lesson. I chatted with my bro and he drew this in Msn! That time when I'm still having the bob hairstyle!

Cute right?


My ipod nano isn't spoil too. If not i will go crazy!


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