Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)

June 30, 2007

Do you still remember or do you know that in the past our MRT system looks like this?

Basically there's just two lines.

The 'East West Line' & 'North South Line'.

I was in school the other time when I saw the old MRT map system. Then i ask my friends, "What if I want to travel from Choa Chu Kang to Yishun?"

Which means I have to ..

Go one whole round sitting through like 25 stations.

They then told me, "People are not so stupid to take MRT then, they would take bus!" But it's totally crazy to go one whole round just to reach Yishun. Super time consuming!


Our current system is much more better!

We have 3 MRT lines now: red, green and purple.
Also 3 LRT lines!

So you think that's NOT good enough?

Yup. Therefore they are expanding on the existing system.

So next time we will have all these different lines to bring us to almost all the places in Singapore!

6 MRT lines and 4 LRT lines.

By 2030, the government envisages a rail network of 540 kilometres — more extensive than London's 408-kilometre Tube system.

(Click for a larger view of our future MRT map system)

You can see that it's super accessible to take MRT in the future. Almost to all the places and some which I didn't really heard before! Like these few stations ....

Bukit Brown, Tai Seng, Promenade, Marymount, Dakota etc.

p/s: When I first had a quick scan through the different stations, I thought Dakota = Dota. LOL. If there's station is named 'Dota' then that would be the place for everyone to gather there to play Dota together! -.- HAHAHAHA!

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