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July 05, 2007

Yes. The title doesn't make any sense and also it's unrelated to this entry.

This is like last week when Linda accompany me to town to get my white skinny jeans after our Japanese lesson.

Let's skip the shopping part cause you all have already seen my white skinny jeans! :D

We got the urge to eat ice cream that day! So we got ourselves the cone ice cream from one of the uncle's push cart stall. We are happily eating and who knows that ...

There's a HOLE at the end of my ice cream cone tip.

So it basically drips everywhere!

Did you see something disgusting in the picture above?

I will tell you at the end of this entry! Alright Let's continue :D

I don't know why we ended up playing with the Mac Book while we were shopping halfway!

Linda made me burst into laughter when she told me that ...

She got a Saggy Boobs.

And also .....

A much BIGGER Saggy Boobs.

We went to take Neoprint after that! We spend about 1 hour there taking and designing it. Which is like totally insane.

We like this picture alot!

Alright I'm going to end my entry for today!

I don't know, is this entry alittle weird? I'm having a strange and weird feeling as I'm blogging now.

Nevertheless, if you couldn't see what's disgusting with the picture above...

Someone actually spit a lump of saliva on the ground and we didn't notice until my ice cream drip over it. It's really disgusting when you see it in real life. YUCKS!!!


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