Nuffnang Event!

August 11, 2007

I brought Angie along with Isaac and Esther for the Nuffnang event at Vivo City on National Day itself. We were sort of late and therefore we didn't take any proper pictures of the place and stuff! Many bloggers were there like ...........

Xiaxue, Dawn, me, you, they, she, he! :D

These are our stickers! Isaac has a different sticker from us and he's seriously not important at all! Therefore,

Mine still rocks the most!!

There were goodie bags for us! Black & Pink.

After registering and gotten our goodie bags, we went in for the free movie! Rush Hour 3. It is actually quite nice but only that the ending I feel is alittle too rushy!

But still it's a nice movie worth to catch though!

I'm sure you want to know what's inside it right?

After the movie, we went up to the sky garden.

And we saw Dawn Yang! She is so hot!

She is super friendly and really nice~! :D

Prettyyyyy pleaseeeeee!

We went Carl's Junior to have our lunch after that.

We kept asking for more chili sauce, think they were alittle pissed and they really gave us alot MORE!

After our lunch, Esther and Isaac went off first as they've got something on and leaving me with Angie to shop shop shop shop! I bought quite a number of tops as there were sales at River Island and Topman!!!

In the fitting room.

Not forgetting to thanks Nuffnang for such a great event!! Really a great effort to gather all bloggers together for a event like this so that we will have a chance to know each other!


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