Citi Clear Card

August 23, 2007

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I always tell my friends that when I grow up and after I've got a stable income, I will get myself a credit card! Because it is the most convenient way to pay bills online and to book movies for your date! Not forgetting online shopping too!!

Well, but everyone knows that in order to get hold of a credit card, we must have a stable income right? At least a S$30,000 income per annum leh!


Cause now there is this new credit card, the Citi Clear Card !

With no minimum income requirement, so Tertiary students (like you and me) or even working adults can apply for this Citi Clear Card! So now you can own a credit card at the age of 18! How cool is that?

Not only just that, the Citi Clear Card is not merely just a card which you can shop online, spend overseas and to benefit from their rewards program. Cause the privileges and the features of the card will totally WOW you out!

Firstly, Citibank gourmet pleasures programme lets you savour the best in culinary variety, and gives you discounts at over a hundred establishments islandwide.

Secondly, Citibank world privileges avails local deals to you when you travel overseas. Enjoy savings and benefits at restaurants, gold courses, hotels and more.

Also, there are discounts and privileges at over 600 merchant locations. Some of them like .......

Did you notice the Free and priority entry, and the 1-for-1 drinks at Velvet Underground!! How great is that?! *Smile*

Not forgetting Flash N Splash, FleshImp, The Heeren shops, EpiCentre (Apple Premium Reseller), Sony, Sony Ericsson, California Fitness, n.yd.c, Haagen Dazs, Café Cartel, tcc, Coffee Club and many more!

So much privileges!! But what about the features?

They have the coolest way of payment mode ever, One-Touch Biometrics Payment.

Have you all heard of it before? It is where you can just drop by clubs and cafes without bringing your wallet and settle the payment with your finger. COOL HUH?

So now you don't even have to worry if you forgotten to bring cash or your card out anymore.

But many (like your parents and yourself) do worry about not using the credit card wisely right?! Thinking that you will keep on signing and signing! And after that you will overspend or stuff like that?

It's not much of a worry for Citi Clear Card, as the credit limit is capped at $500, therefore the credit line is manageable. (Comparing to your debit card which avail you to your entire deposit, and maybe the amounts is several times that of $500)

This low credit limit serve as a very useful guide for those who are new to credit, like me! Cause it let us, the young adults to start learning to use the credit card in a responsible manner, cause when we become a working adults in the near future we will surely have to use credit card too!

So this Citi Clear Card serve as a good start for us!

Not knowing how to apply or thinking that it is a hassle to apply for it?

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. It is easy to apply, just log on to submit the details then follow up with a signed copy of form and supporting documents.

And you are done!

The coolest and newest Citi Clear Card is yours!

Furthermore by applying it online, you get 1 year fee wavier and also $100 Tivoli vouchers!

Stop holding on to your ATM or your Debit card, cause it doesn't impress anyone anymore. OR rather get the
Citi Clear Card now, the credit card with no minimum income requirement!

Why wait? Click here to apply for it now!!


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