August 01, 2007

UPDATE: Thanks guys, for the wonderful chat we had for the past two days! I really enjoy it! Although we didn't know each other but it's nice to chat with you guys.

It's great to see some of you guys being so friendly and making friends with each other! :D

Some screenshot of the wonderful 2 days chat we had!

Thanks again to those active chatters too!
You all made my day :D

Updated on: Friday, August 03, 2007 | 2:15 AM


I saw this at some blog and out of curiosity I want to try it out! Try it out with me! (Only if you are bored) CHAT :D

Change your name by clicking on the nick they given you!
Mute the sound on the icon above 'edit the chat'
p/s: Don't bother to ask for my msn! Cheers & RANTTT! :D


I think I will sound crazy and mad.
But that's what makes a chat interesting! :)

I might be away if I never reply & this chat box will be deleted once I ranted enough or when my boredom is gone :)


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