Before I start to rant ...

September 14, 2007


Gosh! I'm damn worried now about my results which will be releasing in less than 6 hours time!

LESS THAN 6 HOURS! (yes, now it's is around 2plus going to 3am)

Damnit! If I'm going to freaking FAIL and repeat, I will just slap myself and die. Maybe not, I think I should slap those lecturers instead.


WAH! Waste my time siaaaaaaaaaaaa. I STILL NEED TO GO ARMY LEH!

So I cannot repeat! I cannot afford to waste any time! If not by the time I get married I'm already 40 years old!!! Who wants an old uncle?

GOT GOT GOT!!!! But I must be an old uncle who is RICH! Sigh, We're all living in a world which is so super materialistic.

But I've already tried my best for the papers! So I couldn't blame myself if I really fail *touch wood* or slap those lecturers! (yah, I was just kidding earlier on!)

All my lecturers are really damn nice to me so HOW CAN I SLAP THEM! I BET THEY SURE WILL TRY THEIR BEST TO LET ME PASS!

I've already prayed damn hard for later! I don't even dare to read the SMS that the school will send us later at 9am lah! Now, I really don't mind to get all "D" grades!

Just don't fail. It sucks.

Well, recently I've got alot to write and say ...

Like I'm really pissed off when some blogger blog about stuff which I intended to blog about it too! Just that I'm alittle later to blog than them!

Cause later some 'no brain readers' will come and comment me and say, "EH! Why you copy that --- blogger and blog the same thing as he/she does?"

YOU SEE! To save all these craps I better not blog.

Yah. And craps could be seen everywhere, just like all your spam mails!


I did read through some of them when I'm totally bored and have nothing to do at work! Some really gave me a good laugh reading it! I ought to show you guys one!

Sorry for the lousy resize *yawns*

Don't put your focus on the wrong email address they entered, but the highlighted part!

Not funny meah?! Cause I see no link in eating the pills for penis enlargement with exercising. Not as if you need to exercise your penis?!

A few pictures on Aaron's Belated Birthday Celebration!

I think my eyes are getting smaller!

We went to dine at AMK Hub's Ichiban and caught the movie 1408 which is horribly boring to me. I think that The Vacancy is much more trilling than 1408 but sadly no one agrees with me till now!!

Not forgetting to say the Ichiban at AMK HUB has very nice ambiances.

Aaron with his belated present!

I don't know why I ended up photoshoping only 5 pictures?! Maybe the rest are not really that nice! Also, I'm feeling so drained out now!!!!!

Working almost everyday, 12.30pm-10pm!

Talking about work, I hate rainy days (as usual) when I'm going for dinner break or when no colleagues to go for dinner break together!

Once, I was happily thinking about what to eat for dinner and clouds also happily all gather and RAIN so heavily that I couldn't even step out of the office.

Okay lah, guess I'm exaggerating. So I've got no choice and they told me that there is a Cafe opposite us! YAY! CAFE LEH! I can have yummy food without travelling to Sun Plaza or North Point.

Cause I totally hate Sun Plaza and I never wanted to step into that shopping mall forever! But to fill my stomach up, I have to! No choice lah!

Okay, back to the CAFE! The moment I step inside I saw ...


DAMN! and the CAFE look so coffee shop! I went over to ask the uncle what he have, he told me "I only got BAO (Buns) and instant/cup noodles".


I'm seriously left with no choice but to eat INSTANT NOODLES! And so I again emphasise that I hate rainy days!

The $1.50 bowl of instant noodles.

Not that bad cause there's still crabmeat, eggs, some vegetable and also hotdogs! But I can cook this at home also lor! But I'm really damn hungry that day and I finish the bowl of noodles very fast!

Today's dinner was great cause one very nice aunty treated me to Sakae Sushi at Sun Plaza! And I should go sleep now! I can't believe I'm blogging this much even though I'm so drained out from work! It's 5plus now, Nights!

p/s: Now is already less than 4 more hours to the release of my results! *scary*


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