September 20, 2007

*A big longggggggggg yawnnnnnss*

Morning guys! I'm now awake at 8+ am to blog, all thanks to Zi Xiang who gave me morning call(s) and also Britney (cause I set her song 'Gimme More' as my alarm clock tone). =x

I was actually quite amazed by myself that I could wake up that early even though I was on phone yesterday night till around 4am.

But it's totally great! Cause I wouldn't be late for work later on, which I didn't went for 2 days already.

Too much of a side track! *draw myself back*

Weeks back, Me and Lindy went to celebrate Yi Yang's Birthday after our work! Met them (Yi Yang & Shao Feng) up at town, we dine in at Swensens and slack alittle while waiting for our movie which starts at 1:50 am.

Shao Feng & Yi Yang

Okay, this is really funny. When I ask Lindy and Shao Feng to take a picture together, they move their head together close to one another that fast and ....

they knock on to each other, real hard!

After dining there, we went to cut the cake that we bought from Baker's Inn. But the cake has already melted quite alittle cause it was bought in the evening. -.-

But it still look nice with the candle lited.

The cake looks horrible and disgusting after he cut it. Don't say I never warn you guys this time round! :)











Yah, it looks like a pile of shittttt!

We did realise after we eat a mouthful of it. I don't know how we did that, but we did finish almost the whole cake!

I love their hair colour!

One of my stupid act.

Group photo!

and some left over shittttt cake! .........

Went for our movie (No Reservations) and had McDonald's breakfast before we head home in the morning!

Gosh, I'm seriously so hungry now! :(


After I reach home and having less than 5 hours of sleep, I quickly went to wash up and prepare to meet Lindy. I don't know why are we so crazy then!

We dine in at Coffee Club! To slack and relax ourselves mah, we're like working non-stop for all the holidays lor!

But we didn't took alot of pictures that day, all I took was random shot of other stuff. So I guess our faces will not appear below, or maybe just one.

Free Muddy Pie! But it's only available from 7pm onwards, and when I look at the time that we ordered our food it's only ...

There goes our free yummy Muddy Pie????


They still serve us the Muddy Pie after we finish our main courses. I bet they love us alot, cause we're so nice to them!


Ohyah! Thanks to those who are concern of my result!

I always see people with results which are DAMN GOOD putting up screenshot of it on their blog.

I hardly see suck-ish results appear, really.

Anyway, I pass all my module what! So it's something to be happy about at least! Although, my GPA is only 1.9 :(

Here's the screenshot of it!

Seriously, this semester has really tough module lor! Yeah, I will try harder the next coming semester! *Cross fingers*

p/s: My mum gave me a 'TOTALLY SHOCK' look when she see me awake this early. Usually, she will be screaming her lungs out waking me up for work at this time! I feel good today :)


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