Class BBQ

September 06, 2007

We all decided to reach East Coast Park early, around 3plus cause we wanted to cycle or roller blade there first before the BBQ starts. Also, to wait for the BBQ wholesale centre to deliver the food to us!

Some of them skate!

Many of us cycle!

Of course, plus alittle bit of cam whoring.

When the food arrive, everyone was getting hungry already! So many of us help out to wash and prepare the food. Talking about the BBQ wholesale centre right, it's easier to order BBQ food through the wholesale centre cause it save us alot of trouble from buying and carrying it there!

Also, it is not expensive at all too.

Starting to BBQ!

Yummy chicken wings!

And we BBQ till the sky turns dark .....

The Stingray is super delicious!! I kept on eating and eating it and SEE! They even caught me on cam gobbling it!!

We continue to take more pictures after we were alittle full....

Tsk! Victor's hand blocked my face! -.-

We all decided to bring forward Angus's Birthday celebration and to celebrate it on this day itself!

The cake we made for him!

He was really shocked and happy cause we didn't tell him about it! Many in our class didn't know it too! He was then asked to make a speech ...

Photo taking with the Birthday Boy :

The guys!

The girls!


Let me show you guys his Birthday Card!

But I think the card don't really suit him though! :x

Overall the Class BBQ was indeed a great bonding for all of us!

It's a pity that some couldn't make it down, but still we did enjoy ourselves! We took a total number of 400++ photos! It's really damn fun! :D

Ending off with some nicey nice shots!


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