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September 10, 2007

While I was working few days back going through and keying in the data for the Bursary award that low income family would apply for, I came across many families with very low income and yet with quite a number of children.

And one family leave me with a great impact.

They all have to fill up their monthly income, the particulars of their family members etc.

And for this family, when I was about to key in their monthly income, the number I saw was $280.00.

I was totally shock when I saw this! $280 per month? How can they survive? A family with the lowest income I saw so far.

Follow on, I went to see the number of children they had.

Three children, 1 in secondary and the other 2 are still in primary school.

And with the monthly income of $280? Impossible.

What's worse was when I came to all their family members particulars, I saw this beside the father's name.

"(missing since 2005)"

That really made me felt so sad for them, the father went missing and now they had to suffer. (That's prolly the reason for it?) The school principal also wrote some remarks.

Something like "This lady's income solely based on the rental of a room in their house".

Yah, quite true. How can she go work when she need to take care of her children? As some are still very young, like in primary 1 or 2?

I think alot after I saw all this. $280? The camera that I bought will be their income for 2 months.

Suddenly, it reminds me of how fortunate I am now.

Yes, maybe you too.

We all are.


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