Dry Season.

October 25, 2007

It's a dry season now, I mean for my blog.

I seriously got nothing much to blog about recently. It's like my life is getting so monotonous because of school.

Having the same routine over and over again, totally make me go nuts.

Oh well, below is a forward email by my friend. So some of you guys might have already seen it before.

Need a house? Go get it!

I think it's freaking DOPE to have a house like this. I always wanted to have a not-so-big and a cosy house, don't you?

Somemore, you now don't even need to worry about parking lots! There's a compartment for you to park your cars in!

The bedroom looks comfortable!

It actually look super spacious in the pictures, like the bus is a freaking huge one. But it don't look like to me, I wonder whether all these pictures are taken from elsewhere and NOT inside the bus.

Just wondering only lah!

The driver seat :

Remember this bus has a compartment to actually keep their cars in? But if you have this bus as your house right, you will be driving it around what!

So what for get a car?

And it will be so cool if we have it in Singapore!

Imagine at times when you feel like eating Yong Tau Hu at Chinatown, you can then just drive your WHOLE house there.

After finish eating you can just go back home to online, sleep, watch tv, play game etc.

Like that, you will never ever miss your favourite tv programme anymore!

Nice hor?!

But obviously this bus is more for other country where they have alot of natural disaster throughout the year, so they can actually move around to a safer place and stuff like that.

Isn't it the purpose of this bus?

I guess I did heard it somewhere before.


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