go over it.

October 03, 2007

I'm feeling so tired and sleepy now.

Yes, at this point of time.

I guess I'll be sleeping straight, right after I finish my dinner. NO MORE phone-ing till 4/5am for today :(

You know after you buy a camera, you tend to take more pictures of the stuff around you than yourself. I've taken too many random photos already.

And I should blog some before I go sleep!

Yummy Rosemary Pizza!!

One of my bro's birthday present, Water Babies.
Seriously, I don't understand why everyone is playing with it?

UPDATE: From what I know about water babies, it is like something which will grow after you place it in water. They will then reproduce to babies, then the bigger ones will burst.

Sort of like a couple sex and then get old and die. So the new born "babies" will continue the cycle. I find it very stupid cause it doesn't move or have any expression or stuff.

Why not play with TAMAGOTCHI instead? -.-

So don't ask me questions about water babies anymore, cause I don't really know and I don't play with it.

Or rather go find out more yourself :)


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