My phone is now GAY!

October 13, 2007

Out of fun, I took this sticker that I saw on my bro table without even asking him.

Cute right?! I reckon all the stickers are from his friend.

But I didn't know where the heck I'm going to stick it on?

I can remember my bro did stick the same particular sticker (different colour) on his phone.

So the CREATIVE me ...

did the same too!!

Actually, he did told me before the reason for sticking it on his phone. It is because the skin of our phone is peeling off already, therefore he uses the sticker to cover over it.

How badly I want to change my phone but it's not even a year since I change to this one :(

Bro's & Mine

So it's not just my phone that turn gay, my bro's one too! :)


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