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December 26, 2007

After 2 nights of ton-ing over, I'm back here to blog!

A Merry Christmas to you guys!

I guess I'm not that late to wish you people still, cause Christmas lasts for 12 days right?! :D

Anyway, here are some random events that happen way back time before my holidays even started :)

Movie Marathon:

For one of our elective module (Event Management), we organise a Movie Marathon in our school from noon till midnight.

Each ticket is @ $5 and you can get to watch 3 movies, also there are even lucky draw prizes like GV movie vouchers!

We provide food too!

Preparing to take a group photo,




Actually I wanted to ask you guys to come down and support, but it was quite a last minute one. Maybe in the future yea?!

Dining @ Superdog:

I always wanted to dine at Superdog, cause I wanted to try it out and I so love Hotdog please! *licks*

We then ordered the Chicken Ripper!


After putting on mustard and some chili sauces, my chicken ripper looks alittle disgusting.

Take a look at their tray paper (or whatever you call it), as they have some pretty interesting facts on eating the Hotdog!

Random shots:

Overnight Study:

Went to Brandy's house with HongMing to study overnight during our common test period.

His messy desk -.-

And the super messed up wires all over at his floor.

Picture of us sleeping,

I think I've a weird sleeping pose that day!

He also let us try this "pig/pork skin" cracker, which I've never eaten it before. It just taste so weird, seriously.

Have you eaten it before?


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