January 19, 2008

WOOOOO! I love 'Ba Chor Mee'!

Whenever I'm buying it, I always will tell the uncle or auntie: "Wo yao jia chu, hai you jia la jiao" (Add more vinegar and chili!!).

Totally love it with lots of vinegar!!! Super Shiok!

And I just had Ba Chor Mee !!!

Considered as my late breakfast, cause I just woke up. Was really tired out with all the night life recently! :)

I think I'm going to rank 'Ba Chor Mee' as my Number 1 favourite Chinese dish! I still remember that time I ate it for like one whole week straight!

Crazy ain't it?

But it's better than eating those fried & heaty fast food for one or two weeks straight and might causes you to die from overly obese! *laughs*

So let's exercise! I think I should go jog frequently and get back to swimming with Zhen Jun and Angie.

Okay okay, so much of all these random stuff.

Maybe some of you people here don't even know what's 'Ba Chor Mee' in the first place! -.-

Alright, pictures!

Went to Vivo City the other time and we are all so stuck in the pet's shop there (other than the Always $2 Daiso), think we spend more than a hour inside there looking at the dogs and hamsters.

Didn't take much pictures but I got to learn something:

Female Dogs need to use pads too!

Seriously, I didn't know about it! :(

Please don't comment that I'm utterly dumb or whatever cause I thought they will just let their menstrual juice flow out on the ground or grass?

Something like that what!

That means Hippopotamus need to use pads too? Or they just release the juice in those muddy water? o.o

Random kissing whore:

Back View

As for the front view,





We then went to the playground, it's really nice to see all the cute little kids having fun there.

Cuteness #1:

She's super adorable!!!

I can't help to say this again, I really wish to get married now and have kids like her! I really do love kids! :)

And I remembered that I wanted to take a picture with her, but she's was busy running around! Oh well~

Cuteness #2:

She had a hard time climbing over.....

and after very very long ...

She really took like quite awhile to climb over the wall! Super funny and cute to look at. Plus, see how she poses with Yi Ting when we ask for a snap:

Cute right?

Cuteness #3:

Trying to fill his diaper up!

This little boy is hilarious!

We were all thinking that it'll be damn funny if his diaper gets too heavy with all the water he's trying to fill and fall off!!

Cuteness #4:

Feeling shy or Crying soon?

p/s: I almost forgotten to update about my Christmas Celebration! So many stuff to do yet so little time! Going to edit those pictures soon! :)


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