February 03, 2008

These few days has been pretty nutty!

Was in school from 8am-11pm daily (even yesterday, which is a Saturday!!), chiong-ing projects for a presentation tomorrow!

That's bloody 15 hours in school! :(

*trying to change and skip this topic*

Take a look at my one and only ring in the world:

Looks nice isn't it?

I actually almost forgotten that I have this ring as it's given to me years back by one of the maids at my grandmother's place! I guess all the maids really do love me alot cause I'm always treating them like my friends.

Muaha! No wonder they all love me so much! :)


I'm sure you guys cannot believe that this ring is all hand-made by her using the Yakult bottle and threads!

Damn cool luh!


You: *shakes head*

Me too! I cannot imagine how she did it, sounds unbelievable!

Ermm, saying about unbelievable.

I received one comment (for the previous entry) from one of my readers telling me, he/she thinks that lizards actually eats cockroaches.

Which I first thought it's alittle ridiculous cause I thought they only eat up flies and spiders? or other small insects?

Then I went to search about it and found out that it's freakingggg true!

I can loudly say that, I love lizards even more now!

Two lizard mating.

p/s: (Okay, I couldn't find nice pictures of lizard anyway so here's a picture of them mating!)

Sadly, they are only able to eat small cockroaches. Not bad still lah hor, it can stop them from growing bigger and fatter.

Else, they will end up flying around our house.

Stupid cockroaches!

Maybe I should set up a 'Love lizard, kill cockroach' campaign lor! Plus, I should blog about why I hate cockroaches that much in the near future!

Well, maybe only.

I don't want to bore you guys with all my encounter with cockroaches :)

Random! Thanks Isaac for the nama chocolate from Royce:

It's pretty yummy!

Went to dine at Giraffe with Angie and Lindy, weeks back.

The ambience there is really nice!

And most of the people dining there is like 20plus or 30 over, all seems pretty matured! :)

Dip on this yucky thing to go with the bread!

Mine mine mine! *drooling*

We also ordered Cocktail to go along with our main course.

Angie enjoying her drink after her Laksa Spaghetti.

I had Zombie and both of them kept saying that I'm drunk cause of the 'redness' of my face!

But I'm not drunk at ALL lor, seriously.


I guess it's all because,

I have good blood circulation lah! *winks*

Lindy with her Bloody Mary:

Yup, that's about it!

I can't believe I actually spend so much time here! I shall go continue with my projects now, bye all sweeties! :)


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