Holey Moley.

February 13, 2008

(A shorty ranpical update again)

Sometimes, I really hate my hair.

Cause I don't know for whatever reason, my bangs always turns into ....

A bangs with 2 holes!! :(

I feel like changing my hairstyle soon, like real soon!!

p/s: Anyone here with bangs like me and face the same problem too? *just asking for fun!* :p


A smart way of him to get even more famous.


Steven Lim is sure smart enough to make use of Edison's scandal to get the fame he always yearn for. To think about it, he's not just disgracing himself.

But also disgracing Singapore, our country.

p/p/s: You guys can actually take a look at the comments posted on the video. People from other countries have been asking whether all Singaporean are like him! (The way he acts and stuff). So you say, isn't it disgracing us as Singaporean? And also to our country? *stares*


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