Allow me to scold!

April 16, 2008

Cheebye lah!!!

I was fucking pissed just now at work.

One of my dumb colleagues used my camera to cam whore taking his stupid tongue stud and in the end, he went to delete ALL MY PICTURES IN MY CAMERA LOR!! :(

*insert in 1 billion sad face emoticons*

Fuck sia!

Anyway, not to happier stuff BUT sorry that I haven't been blogging lately cause I'm really tired out with work and studies these few days!

I'll prolly blog tomorrow okay?

Love you guys!

p/s: I was pretty shock that many of you guys guess wrongly for the previous entry! Cause I thought it's quite obvious! Okay, so here's the answer! The top one is me, and the bottom one is ran! So did you guess it correctly? :)


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