I need to record down.

April 23, 2008

On monday, I was having a steamboat dinner with my family!

And I suddenly told mummy that I felt like vomiting. Of course, they thought I'm joking and ask me not to vomit out on the dining table and stuff.


Due to my horror, I vomited not just the food I ate just now! I also vomited out alot of blood, and the toilet bowl is all filled with blood lor.

At that point of time, I thought I was going to die.

OEI! Not funny lor!

You imagine you vomit blood out non stop, how can you not think of dying at that point of time? Not like I'm acting for a drama lor! Somemore, the blood comes out together with all the food (rice, vegetables, prawns, tofu .etc) I ate just now.

It's really very gross!

Now my whole body hurts like siao, cause I went for massage.

Lucky I went!

Cause if I never cure it, somehow I might get stroke, as I was told. You people better take good care of your health too ah!

Aiya, too lazy to explain any further!

I will disallowed comments for this as I just need to record it down. I'm really fine now so I don't want any 'takecare' or 'get well soon' comments from any lovely readers, really.

I'll be blogging another entry again later on! Bye! :)

Comments Disallowed!


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