Just a short one, maybe.

May 12, 2008

Eating my double cheeseburger without meat, add lettuce! :)


Angie and ZJ was at my house just now till around 12.30am and we started thinking that since we're still quite young now (cause i think 19 is not considered as young anymore) so it's okay to flirt around and do extreme stuff.

Cause afew more years later we will totally not be considered as young anymore man!

Then what?

We still want to wait till we're 33 years old then start go flirting around meah? So ridiculous!

I sometimes think it's quite true though, like if you want to do something you really want to do or feel like doing it, you should go ahead and do it while you're still young and not regret at the later part of your life.

So while I'm talking to them, I was also chatting on msn with OH and this little fucker threaten me that he'll screenshot it down and put it up on my Friendster...

And he really put it up lor!

I think everyone who viewed my profile now will start thinking I'm a player or sort, but I'm just joking only okay!!

Now, it's my turn to screenshot!


I seriously think what I screenshot down and put it in his Friendster is much more worse than what he did lor!

*laugh hard*

Apparently, I think he's depriving of love from someone.

I still got like 10 concept sketches not done yet, I think I'm going to sleep now and wake up later at around 4.30am to complete it before heading school for lesson at 9!

I think I better go bed now! Nights! :)

p/s: You mean you people want to flirt with me? You sure you consider carefully already? Cause I went to have a portrait sketch of myself this is what the artist sketch of me...

So how now?

You don't freaking run away lehhh!!!

I thought you say you wanna flirt with me? Come lah! :(

p/p/s: This video Ran did for his school assignment is pretty funny, and he look totally cute inside too!



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