Leave me breathless.

May 21, 2008

Some of you guys might already saw me on the newspaper yesterday!

Yes people, I'm featured on the cover of Digital Life with other bloggers on The Straits Time yesterday! :)

On the cover!

The article inside!
[ And I think I look pretty screwed here lor!!!!! :( ]

Behind the scene:

Photographer, Journalist & Blogger.

Having our make up done!

Cam whore! Cam whore!

My turn for the individual shoot:


Alright! Now to other stuff.

Angie and ZJ came to my house to stay over few days back, and out of boredom we started playing with Angie's eyeliner!

So Angie started by drawing on my eyes first...




And the outcome?


I then help ZJ to draw the eyeliner on....

See! I'm looking so serious!

And now, the outcome of my "masterpiece"!







Damn chio and nice right!!!

So now you tell me who draw better? Me or them?


Obviously I'm the one who draw better than them lor! Mine got the very nice shape and still got those very artistic feel leh!

No meah?!!!!

One of my eyes with the eyeliner on!

We then fell asleep after that!

And when we woke up, the mattress and Angie's thigh is all stained with the liquid eyeliner!

Thanks ah, ZJ!!

We then came to know that ZJ forgotten to cap the eyeliner properly before we fell asleep and just left it on the mattress where Angie is sleeping on.

Argh! Time to do my school work again! :(


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