You can't see my eyes.

June 11, 2008


I'm actually blogging this entry right after I blogged finish the previous 'About Love' entry cause I couldn't really sleep, although I still need to go back to school later for some preparation programme for our attachment next semester.

Damn, I'm so lazy to go actually.


But look! I'm a good student man!!

I guess I'll go later no matter how tired I am. So you guys should learn from me okayyyyy!!!

Be a good student like me! :D

Anyway, here are some ranpical pictures for you guys!

Cause if I don't put them up now, soon they'll be very very old pictures by the time I want to blog about them!

Our lecturer trying to help us when we're stuck!

Messy messy wires!

While we're on our way out from school, we saw this ...

Very prettyyyy!

But I guess the car owner sure have alittle problems clearing all the flowers which landed on his/her car away.

Quite alot lor!

My favourite cuisine!


I have really sweet friends!

Angie and ZJ came to find me after my work to accompany me for dinner cum supper, even though my work ends at 11pm!

We then dine at some Japanese pasta restaurant at town!

I was super hungry at that time!

And both of them were not as hungry as I am, but yet my food came last, after them lor! Arghh!!

The apple vinegar drink ZJ had:

Which taste pretty good!

While we're heading our way back home at around 3am, we saw this sort of poster of a model which we all feel that she's way too skinny!

Just look at her face!!!

Anorexic liao lor!!

Yay! That's all I've for now! :)

I'm feeling tired now already!

Luckily I still can sleep for about 2 more hours before I need to get my ass up and prepare for school.

Nights people!!


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