Join my hairband craze!

July 21, 2008

I always think that I'll look weird without my fringe.

Basically cause I don't have sharp and nice features like people do!

Eyebrows = Very Anyhow

Eyes = Small

Eyelashes = Short

Nose = Huge

Mouth = Normal????

Ears = Small

So I usually won't have my fringe up like for no reason?!

Cause I don't think I'll look good at all.

Don't know why, and what happen to me recently that I've been wearing hairband to school or I can say everywhere for the last whole week man!

Show you guys my hair with hairband:

Nice anot? :D

I actually like my hair this way man!

And I think I look alright with it, not as bad as I thought though.

Fringe can be super irritating at times, especially if you have bangs and it have super super many of holes in between! -ugly please- Or hair that keep poking into your eyes, which then makes you feel damn uncomfortable!

Now with my hairband, I can see everything clearly!

Yay!! I love my hair now!!!

Ranpical Pictures:

Ran bought this orangey sweet!

Mum cooked this pancake for breakfast!

Went for Nafa Test the other day.

And guess what?!

My standing board jump is still as sucky as ever! :(

Class photo @ Sports Complex!!


I don't know who the hell took my camera and use it to take this stupid picture below:


Alright! I'm going to end this entry now already and back to do my advertorial which I've been doing it since afternoon.

[I was actually doing it halfway through and I suddenly got the urge and feel like blogging, so here I comeeeeeee!]


Can I end off this entry with my 'act cutezxz' picture pleaseeeeeezxzxzxzxz ? :D










p/s: This entry is so not my writing style! o.o?!

p/p/s: Negative comments about my 'act cute' picture is strictly not allowed this time round, cause I like it... well, maybe not alot. But still, I'm going to delete them away once I see it okay! No no, I don't careeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :p


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