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July 04, 2008

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Do you still remember how you first met your partner?

I think ever since Friendster/Facebook (actually not really cause it's quite recent only) or those online social network site started to appear, and get popular with lots of people joining, many could actually make more friends and even find potential boyfriend/girlfriends there.

Online is actually a pretty good medium for making more friends!

Although I totally feel that the people there just judge and make friends with you base on your looks, and purely that.


Cause they can't possibly understand or even to know how your character is like from your online social network profile what! If they can, it'll be very ridiculous lor and I would want those people to teach me how they do it man!

Ranpicaly dump in some lovely love picture.

So what I mean was, don't you think we can actually find love in unexpected places, and at unexpected times?

Like who will expect to find their love ones, online when in the past computers are still not widely used?

I mean in the past lah!

And you'll never know someone whom you walk pass by the street will be your future partner or like a holiday to Venice might unexpectedly let you found your love ones there. (Venice reminds me of secondary school's social studies!)

Love can actually strike and happen at anytime, at anyplace!

Okay, I say all this is not for fun one hor!

As there's now, a upcoming theatre performance presented by the youth wing of SRT (Singapore Repertory Theatre) which is about finding love in unexpected places, at unexpected times.

Love's Labour's Lost

SRT’s The Young Co. presents the retelling of William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost – a tale of The King of Navarre who has invited his three male companions to swear a very public oath to study together and to renounce women for three years.

Their honour is immediately put to the test by the arrival of the Princess of France and her three lovely female companions. It is love at first sight for all concerned despite the highly entertaining but hopeless efforts to disguise their feelings.

I reckon it would be interesting!

(Okay, these are my point of view, truthfully, not because this is an advertorial and also these are the reason why I decided to take up this ad)

1. I'm sure many of you here rarely get in touch with theatre performance at all, and this might be a good experience for you to go experience it!

2. Singapore Repertory Theatre's (SRT) goal is to provide a platform for Asian artists both on and off stage and to give Singaporeans and visitors the opportunity to experience Broadway, the West End and the richness of Singaporean culture.

3. SRT is a non-profit organisation! (I support those who actually provide a platform for people who wants to perform, cause I was once in band and I know having a platform to perform and to show off your talents is really important and a great thing to the artists!)

4. I'll be going too! :D


To wrap everything up, you can go to this website to know the dates, venue, buy the tickets, or everything you need to know about Love Labour Lost!

See you there! :)

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