dots + revamp = elated !

August 11, 2008

Wahlao!! I want to complain!!!

You all know hor, now most of my friends are telling me that they feel very disgusted whenever they see polka dots stuff lately.

And they push the blame onto ME!!!!


Super damnit lor!

Just because whenever I'm out with them and if I happen to chance upon anything (yah, basically anything including wrapping paper and those useless stuff!!) which is in polka dots design, I just can't resist and buy it down!!!

I know it seems very kua zhang (exaggerating), but it's true!

Now my friends are all stopping me from buying polka dots stuff anymore, like the last Friday.. Angie stop me from buying the polka dots lanyard from Mini Toons which only cost $3.90 lor!!

So wasted! :(

Don't say I'm too obsessed with polka dots and think I'm wasting all my money away okay! At least I'm using my own money, which I work and earn myself, to buy all those stuff and even to revamp my room!

Though I did nag to mummy abit!

[ Anyway, I'll show you some of my polka dots stuff and talk about the progress about my room revamp at the later part, with picturesssssss! :D ]

I was telling her that, if I'll have to use my own money to revamp my room right, including the painting my room and the furniture will cost me over 1k liao lor! And after my room revamp, my bank account balance will become a BIG FAT ZERO!!!

Damn jialat hor like this!

But I'm just nagging to her for fun lah, cause I know daddy already had a hard time paying our school fees and stuff. Poor daddy!! When everyone thought that taxi driver earn quite alot, which practically they don't....

Yah lor.

So of course, I'm okay with using my own money to revamp my room! As I've been paying basically everything for myself since Secondary 4 already, this should be alright!

Money can earn back one.. Money can earn back one...

*Keep chanting non-stop*

At least I feel that I'm independent and can survive by myself now!

And I seriously think it's important for people to be independent and not to spend your parents hard earn money if you wanna buy things (which are not really necessary, ie; label stuff) for yourself.

If you want, then go work and earn and buy yourself!!

You'll feel the difference and treasure it more!

It's so loser-ish for those peeps who spend their parents hard earn money, ESPECIALLY ON LABELS STUFF and still wanna show off to me somemore!

Stupid spoilt brats!!

Yah lah yah lah, I'm jealous... *roll eyes*

Back to if you're using your hard earn money...

And if your parents ever say you that you're buying useless stuff, you answer back them by saying "I'm using my own money leh! Not yours hor, so you shut up!".

Then they sure got nothing to say one! Muahahahaha!

Though I also use it sometimes when I'm joking with mummy!!

Alright, picturey time! :)

Room Revamp #1

Went to IKEA @ Tampines, to look around for nice furnitures!!

Although I haven't paint my room yet, but I'm heading there to at least have an idea of what furnitures to buy and is suitable for my room! Therefore, I went there having the thought of having my room in orange (with polka dots) and all furnitures in white.

Cause I couldn't stand my oh-so-white walls for 19 years already!

That's before I blogged about the entry on asking you guys for suggestions, as I'm still pondering, plus very indecisive about the colours of the walls and furnitures! Thanks for all the suggestions anyway! :) I did read through all and some ideas are really great which I never even think of it!

Taking down which furniture that caught my eyes!

Planning where to place.. etc.

Lucky Angie is around with me when browsing through the furnitures cause she pointed out ideas by me (which was fucking creative) that is fairly not possible because of my room space limit.

Angie with my cap that I bought online!

On phone (Angie's) with mummy!

I was phone-less that day cause my battery just went left totally after I meet Angie at TP as she was having her attachment there!

Stupid phone!

The yummy chicky wings with lots of blood inside -.-!

I love mustard tooo!

It was pretty fun when you're really shopping there for furnitures for your own room! I sort of know what I want to get from there already and now I shall start the ball rolling by painting my room first! Yay!!



Was supposed to meet up with Angie & ZJ at town for dinner and a midnight show on friday after having my first exam paper!

[ Still got 2 more papers to go! ]

But I ended super early that day, thus I went to library to play with my DS and also to take pictures of all my polka dots stuff inside my polka dots bag that day!

The polka dots bag I bought online!

Very nice right?!

Lucky it's different from the people who I saw having polka dots bag too! If not I'll just kill myself and sell it away or something, cause I saw quite a few in my school but it's different!

My dots are way bigger and chioer!

So inside my dotty bag there is...

2 (1 big & 1 small) polka dots pouch!

It's used to put adapter of my lappy, handphone charger, DS chager, all those chargers and stuff in these 2 pouch!

Next up!

Polka dots waterbottle cover!

In orange somemore!!!!

How can I not buy it you say!!!

And inside there's this 'whatever you call it stuff' which can prevent heat loss, like to prevent heat from escaping if you're storing hot/warm drinks!

Good one okay!

Another one that I bought online:

Chio hor!

I don't know whether it's real Porter or not, cause you know it's online stuff. But I don't really care also lah! And this one is not cheap lor, actually felt quite dumb to buy it cause I never get to use it at all man!

Yah! Just because it's in polka dots.

B5 size polka dots file!

Aiya! This one I also never really use at all cause the size is B5!

Cause they don't have it in A4 but still I just get it anyway! As I don't want to regret later on if it's all sold out! Muahahaha!

Still got!!!

Another polka dot pouch!

Another another polka dot pouch!

I made a mess after taking out all the stuff in my bag....

That's all the polka dots stuff I had in my bag that day!!!

But there's still more stuff which will be used for my room revamp and also some which I forgotten to take out that day!

Lindy's notes!!

My flash drive keychain!





Time to meet up with them!!!

After having our dinner at TCC, we slack at Starbucks before catching the movie 'The Love Guru' by Jessica Alba & Justin Timberlake!!

If you want to know..

The show was pretty hilarious, but at the same time very lame.

It's quite a light hearted kinda show which I totally dig! I mean no sobbing or boring movies for me! Only cartoon and light hearted show!! :D

Okay, maybe with the exception like The Dark Knight.

Ohh! Jessica Alba is so freaking hot anyway!!!!!

Acting cute!

Yes yes, you saw it!

I was wearing my polka dots berms that I bought online!!

Damn nice lor!

And if you can see the ring I'm wearing in the previous picture, which I prolly guess you can't....

My ring is also in polka dots too!!!!


Cause I bought it like for $2, but when ZJ saw it he say it's only selling at 50cents outside!!!!!!! Same as what Angie said!!!! :(

If it's true I can buy 4 lor!

I know this kind of ring is selling at $1, cause I did buy before when I'm in Secondary school BUT the thing is...

I've never seen one in polka dots one mah!!!

Those $1 one or what they say 50cents is all in strips one lor!


Ending off with 3 of us!!

p/s: I finally finish this entry at 7am in the morning!!! Feeling damn tired now! I've been staying up lately NOT FOR FUN HORRR!!! Thanks to all the endless projects which makes me look so 'cui'!! No wonder there's people commenting that I look zombiefied in school! Ahh.. Fuck lah! I wanna sleep now already!


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