JC Girls VS Poly Girls.

October 22, 2008

Recently, my classmates and I been discussing about whether JC girls in any way are chio-er and hotter than the ones in Poly.

Like the difference between the both and which we actually prefer and stuff.

I still remember Hong Ming wanted this course the last time, which we're currently studying (Product Design & Innovation) mainly because there are rumors saying that all the girls in this course are real pretty and 80% of the students that are enrolled in this course are all girls.

I seriously think he got cheated (like I said rumors what!).

We then found out that 80% of our batch that enrolled into this course are guys, which makes him very sian when we first came for the orientation finding out that there isn't much chio bu for him to see or even to jio and would rather go to JC instead.

And till date, he's still ranting about it.

Back to the difference between JC & Poly girls.

I reckon it's pretty hard to see the difference thus we need to do a comparison (in general) between the both, on their appearance and everything .....

Number 1:

JC girls wears uniform but yet can look good in it.

I mean those with pretty face or with good figures, plus having their skirts folded up till short in length (way above the knee cap), and best if their small in size yet wearing oversized blouse which makes them look really cute (I most of the guys like that)!

Poly girls all dress differently to school.

Based on their dressing sense thus what they dress to school is like a variety of groceries that can be found in the supermarket. Tee shirt, jeans, shorts, long/mini skirts, dress, and whatever lah! I'm not really interested (as you can see), cause I'm more into uniform actually! Muhahahaha.

Number 2:

JC girls wear sports shoes and looks great with it.

Don't you all think so too meah?!

I think it's really rare for girls to looks good in sports shoe unless their those sporty sporty kind of girls. Like if you imagine, Poly girls wearing a dress/skirt with sports shoe to school will look totally fugly lor.

But look at those JC girls!!!

They can wear sports shoe and at the same time look pretty with their skirts! Well, maybe it's partly because of the uniform which makes those sports shoe not that 'out' you see.

Number 3:

JC girls can look pretty with their messy tied up hair.

I always see those JC girls after school with their hair all messed up and is tied up which still look good with it.

I don't know why leh, but I just feel that if that applies to Poly girls, it might not good that great cause people might think their untidy, having a bad hair day, smelly? Or they didn't have the time to wash hair in the morning.

Number 4:

Poly girls know how to dress up themselves.

As I said I'm saying all these stuff in general, so in general Poly girls know how to dress up themselves better since they have to go school with their own clothing and not uniform.

So they will try their best to look good in order to attract guy's attention and not to get laughed at when people thought that they are wearing their PJ out. Also by putting on makeup, accessories, heels, different colour/kind of hairstyle which thus can bring out their own personality better.

You don't have to worry if you're going to attend any events with them cause you roughly know how they dress and their dressing sense as you've already seen them wearing to school daily BUT JC girls might not know how to dress up themselves.

They are always in their school uniform, who knows if you ask her out for a date and she show up dressing like how your grandmother dress.

Ouch, and that will be scary.

Number 5:

JC girls can look really natural and pretty without any makeup on.

Talking about dressing up and having make up on, those JC girls look pretty even without any makeup on will look even prettier if they have makeup applied on them.

You get to see their natural self although I know some JC girls actually do apply very light makeup to school now even.

Poly girls after removing makeup might scare you to death.

She look dead gorgeous when she's out with you but when both of you are at home, you sometimes totally can't recongise her after she remove all her make up.

Number 6:

JC girls communicate in English.

Poly girls is much of a mixture of English, their own Mother Tongue (Mandarin/Malay/Tamil) or Dialect.

Well, some guys might have preference over this issue (if their English is those CMI one). But for Poly right, it also have to depends on the course they're studying too, actually many of us in Poly communicate in English lor not only those JC peeps okay!

Number 7:

JC girls are not that matured in the sense of thinking.

I still remember one of my teacher told us that, JC girls might not be that matured in their thinking wise compared to Poly girls, when we're still in Secondary School.

He said before, the exposure of the people in JC than Poly are smaller and in JC they are still in a same routine like what they had in Secondary School but not in Poly.

It's like you see Poly students actually came out to work part-time or interns thus from there gain more experience, getting in touch with more people since our school's population is like way larger.

Therefore, Poly girls are much better in that sense.

Number 8:

JC girls have high abortions rate.

I don't really know about that but that's what many people say and it might be rumors so I'm not that sure about it. But many of my friend's friend who are studying in JC do say that it's true. Well, but I'm not saying that this doesn't happen to Poly girls okay, it does happen too. I'm pretty sure.

Number 9:

JC girls are more hardcore in studying.

They might put their studies as the most important things in their life but not so much for Poly girls. But it's somewhat right to do so because if they don't get into University, their A Level Cert is totally useless lor.

So studies and entering a University is really or fucking important to them where else Poly girls after getting their Diploma Cert can come out to the society and start working already!


Alright, above all the points are just saying both of the girls studying in the two different institution in general or if you want to put it as stereotyping also can lah cause I'm suddenly too tired and sleepy to argue back.

And actually to me, all these doesn't really matter.

I just want to find and like girls who wear super short, shorts with high heels, cause I find it really hot and prettttttttttty.

Something like this:

Weeeee! I like!


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  1. Anonymous9:07 am

    Nice blog

  2. Anonymous3:06 pm

    casual way of writing, nice. But towards number 4, would you rather the JC girls wear their school uniform to the date instead?

  3. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Ay... I think this blog's a little biased, lol... it seems like you dislike poly girls