About being superficial + few pictures!

November 03, 2008

I actually got no urge to blog today, not until I went back to read those few comments that some people left for the past few entries again.

I mean it's stupid if I cannot blog what I want to blog as this is still my blog (if you actually forget about it). I don't want to just hide whatever I feel like saying and not posting it up here just because I'm worried that after writing it, it will actually spoils my image or reputation of what people think I am.

Once my friends ask me, "Ben! If you write about all these stuff, you will lose alot of your readers and they might start to hate you leh, how?".

And my reply to them is, "If I cannot blog whatever I want, whatever I feel and if I cannot voice out my own opinion and blog truthfully, I think I rather not blog at all. I guess that will make me lose more readers right?".

I cannot be blogging what you people want to see or what to read all time long.

Everyone is the same, we love to hear nice stuff and we like compliment.

So you rather people to say you looking like a hippopotamus than a graceful swan?

I doubt so right.

Now about me being superficial.

This seriously makes me fuming mad cause,


-From Wikipedia:

Superficial is a general term meaning "regarding the surface", often metaphorically. Both in the literal as in the metaphorical sense the term has often a negative connotation based on the idea that deeper parts are also important to consider.

-From Dictionary.com:

4. concerned with or comprehending only what is on the surface or obvious: a superficial observer.
5. shallow; not profound or thorough: a superficial writer.
6. apparent rather than real.

So you fucking tell me you're not superficial?!

Oh sorry, I reckon you're not.

No, you don't look at pretty girls or good looking guys cause that's superficial and you're not.

No, you don't go crazy over those idols who are cute / goodlooking / hot / sexy / pretty cause that's superficial and again, you're not.

No, you never in your life judge someone by it's cover cause that's superficial and you're not.

Of course, I didn't say physical appearance is everything (I know the character is far more important than that and I don't need to you lecture me about it) but who can say that it's not important too? It's fairly important as well.

First impression counts right!

Oh shit, I almost forget.

I think you guys don't even think first impression matters alot to you cause what you care about the most is the person's character. Yes, looks are just so superficial and it's so not your thing.

I'm sorry, so sorry.

You people are so not superficial, only I am.

I didn't meant to purposely classified girls based on their schools, it's just one of the ranpical topics that we guys actually talk about when we're in school.

And we're not the only one who are talking about it and classified girls based on the two different institution, many people (for example; here) are all talking about it too.

So I don't think what's the big fuss over it.

If you say we cannot compare girls like that, then did you compare girls or even guys who are from different countries? Like, I love Caucasian cause their hot and stuff like that.

Oh, maybe not cause you people are not that superficial.

If you people don't care about looks so much then don't bother wasting time to dress up yourself in the mirror and trying so hard to look pretty cause you're not that shallow and you like people who are not superficial (unlike me), and you don't want them to judge you by your looks.

So you don't dress up yourself, don't bother to put make up.

Must always remember you're not superficial and the exterior looks of someone are like so whatever to you.

And if you people actually READ PROPERLY, which I totally doubt again and again.

I did mention that some or many of the points are what my friends say and so I add it in cause I think it's somehow true also what. And for all the points I've listed, I did not say that ALL OF THEM DID THIS, ALL OF THEM ARE LIKE THIS. I did say not all are like this but who actually bothers to read it properly?

Not many.

After whatever I mention makes those people feel that I'm indirectly saying about them thus they gone mad and started scolding me. I think it makes them look totally dumb.

It's obviously, those points are somehow related to you or you feel that you're being pointed out in some of the points I mention in the entry which causes you to get mad with me and start scolding me.

As I said, people only like to hear nice stuff.

Who doesn't?

Aiya, there are alot of bugs and flies in my room now which totally annoyed me, so I feel like stop blogging about this issue for now.

I guess it's my orange room that attracted them.

Ever since I painted my room orange, there's like so many small insects coming over here sticking onto my wall.

So weird.

p/s: To those girls who are saying I'm 'ji ko bei' which means lecherous, I'm sorry to tell you that all guys are lecherous.

All guys look at hot and pretty girls and all guys watch porn.

If you're so unhappy about it, and want to grab attention from guys, go do something to yourself to look better and not there saying lecherous, lecherous, lecherous, lecherous for umpteen times cause all guys are. Too bad.

p/p/s: To those girls who actually go nuts over BBT, Fahrenheit, Zac Efron etc. better not say I'm superficial, if not I'll kill you!!!


Alright, pictures time! :)

I still remember during Secondary School Days right, me and my friends bought those ez-link stickers and stick it on our ez-link!

So many years later, I saw this ez-link stickers selling again while walking around those malls and on impulse I bought 3 of them for Angie, ZJ and myself since we're still talking about it the other time round.

The cute ez-link stickers I bought for the 3 of us!

I actually wanted to buy for the 6 of us (fingers) but it only left 3 there so, I gave it to Angie and ZJ since we meet up more often than the rest.

Talking about meeting up and chill, 3 of us went over to town for some coffee (like again?) after school.

Both of them on the phone with Ke Xin!

The side of Angie's newly bought cap!

My stuff on the table:

Dotty Porter pouch for my newly bought camera, my mobile phone and my cute Finding Nemo ez-link card holder!

Yayyyyyyyyy! Finding Nemo!!!!

I love the movie, Finding Nemo alottttttttt.

I like Nemo, I like Dory! I watched it for like more than 10 times (okay, maybe not so much), and I think that it's one of the best cartoon movie I've ever watch so far lor.

Don't you guys think so too?

Cam whoring with my accessories!

The way ZJ sit looks kinda wrong here!

Taking pictures of my hair colour:

Woooo! Looks red under flash!

I actually have more pictures to go, but I'm already feeling really sleepy now! I think it's becoming a habit for me to end my entry arubtly, as always. Muhahahaaaa!

Pictures of me going for Henna and stuff the next entry!


The Superficial Typicalben.


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