I'm back lah people!

December 02, 2008

Wo hui lai le, wo hui lai le! :D

I tell you ah, I've been feeling super annoyed with myself because it's a sucky feeling when you got so much stuff to blog about and wanted to blog it down but yet, you can't because of tiredness and lack of time!

I still thought after my FYP right, I can actually blog properly (which means having regular updates) since I'm having my internship already what!

But how the fuck will I know that I'm being attached to a company which is located at the extreme EAST side...

CHANGI LOR!!!!!!!!!

Aiya! I'll talk more about that tomorrow lah, since I'm going to update a long lengthy entry as my blogging bug is all back already!



I know you all miss me lahhh!! So while waiting for my updates, let you people see and hear me first!!

Here's the clip of the news that reported about the Singapore's First Blogger Blood Drive organised by Nuffnang, last Saturday!


Thanks to those who record it down and send it to me! :)

Nights! Have to wake up at 5am later, sucks.


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