I'm happy, really happy!

January 29, 2009

Okay, now I don't even know how to start.

This is getting creepy.

I think sooner or later, I might just lost the ability to blog or even take pictures of myself lor. Then I'll start to do mundane stuff everyday, and my life will only revolve around study/work, eat, sleep, study/work, eat, sleep and nothing else.

And if you guys did notice.

The number of cam whoring pictures has already cut down by alot recently and all my entries are like fucking short that even a 3 years old kid can finish reading it in less than a minute.

Omg! So what should I say next?????

Err... errrrrr......

Since I'm so lost of words, I shall show you one happy picture of myself taken just now during my birthday celebration with Fingers! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

The 20 years old me! :D

I'm getting seriously old already man.

mAyBeEzXx iiEe shOulDsx acTx yoUNgx LiirkeS a tWitzx aNdds tYpEeXx lIirKesZ tHisSx riIgRtsX? hEeEhHEeEsSzxxXxx! :D


Anyway! I'll blog about cny and my birthday celebration soon cause I'm very lazy to edit the pictures now, as it's 5.32am now!

And I think it's a very weird timing to edit pictures.

Okay, great.

This is another pointless entry...

Maybe turning 20 makes me lose the the ability to blog.

Maybe lor.

p/s: For those who still didn't know, I've successfully launched my online store, The Typical Store! *smile widely*

And I'm sorry to some of you people that are sort of disturbed or unhappy by me modeling for the ladies apparels.....


It's because I want to make it in time for it to launch it together on the day of my birthday itself and just nice many of my female friends are freaking busy recently so couldn't make it to help me to model for my clothing so I hope you all understand.

It's really not easy to take the pictures MYSELF (have to set timer and go to and forth to press it again lor), and still have to model those clothing all by MYSELF okay.

No lah, I'm not angry! :)

Just want you people to know why I'm modeling for the ladies apparels okay? And please, I don't like to cross dress hor!

Is I got no choice mah! :(

p/p/s: Today is daddy's birthday! Happy birthday dad!!

p/p/p/s: Oh! And to those who've supported the store, either by direct buying or helping to spread the words! Thanks ah!!

p/p/p/p/s: Also, I've changed the picture in the previous entry cause it's way too pixelated and I don't like! I didn't realise it as I was too sleepy at that point of time!


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