Just comment and get a free bag!

January 23, 2009

Okay, I'm rushing out now so I can't do a proper entry.

But I've to post this up because I've been delaying for quite some time already. So anyway, 'Dress Him Up' (if you remember I did an advertorial for them before) is sponsoring me their bag in their latest collection and they're also giving away the bag that I've chosen, to one of you people too! :D

The bag that I've choosen:

All you have to do is to leave a comment answering this question..

"How well do you know about Typicalben?"

I'll then choose the one which I think is the most interesting and also who knows me well the most on 24th January, 23:59!!!

So comments after that will not be accepted! :)

Oh yah! Before I forget... remember to leave your email address in the comment too, if not I won't be able to contact you!

Alright, I got to go prepare now! Loves!



I'm pretty touched by you people as I've receive alot of comments and many of you actually know me really well!

Really got gan dong dao! :)

Cause I can see some of you have been reading my blog since I started man! So you do know about those stuff that I didn't blog at all in these recent years!

So to make it more fun and exciting, I will only approve and screen the comment of the winner that I've chosen later!! Yes, only the winner's one!!

Exciting right!! Muahahaha!

Eh. I think I'm only the one who is high right now! -.-

But it's damn hard to make a decision and choose among all the comments cause many of your answers are damn gooooood man! Okay okay, be sure to check back later!

Once again!!!! Only the winner comment will be approve below and screened to everyone!!!

Yay!!!!!! :D


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