Ranpical stuff again x3!

June 21, 2009


Very ridiculous eh!

The other time Brandy tell me that he help me to sort of went to help me 'suan ming' (fortune telling) cause his aunt is learning and need practice.

And you know he say now there's a new way of fortune telling...

Which they only need your mobile phone number and then they can help you fortune tell already!!!! How ridiculous is that???!!!

I thought normally people uses birth date, or like have to say their name? Or to see the person's plam for fortune telling and he say his aunt is learning a new method of fortune telling, which is uses the mobile phone number of yours to help you fortune tell! Sjb right!!

He say many people are learning now just that we don't know only!

Well, maybe it's a up coming trend or something? Or is it it's been there very long already just that I don't know? Anyone heard about it before? o.o?

Anyhow, some random pictures!

1. Angie's graduation!


Went down for Angie's graduation the other day!

Her graduation is like few days before me, so me and Zj attended hers and both of them attended mine too! Will blog about mine soon!

Wait for me to finish editing them!


Angie with her friends at the waiting seat!


On the stage, best shot Zj captured!

And we saw our secondary school friend too!

He's the top student for his course and they mention that for his attachment, he actually helped his company to clinch a project worth of millions of dollars! How siao! I'm sure his company will love him to hell.

Totally zhuan dao lor!

They just pay him how much only?! Like few hundreds?!

And he manage to help them to earn millions of dollars! Crazyyyyy!


Here's him! On the stage!


Smart boy, just like me! Muhahahaha!


Angie & me!


Angie & Zj!

Actually there's like more pictures and nicer ones!

But it's with Angie's sis and she haven't send her yet and we only managed to take these few shots before my camera batter run dead! :(

2. My burnt finger!


Just a random picture of my burnt finger!

3. My eyes!


Another random picture of my bare right eye!

No contact lens, no nothing!

My friends keep on telling me that there's no difference in me wearing contact lens, and me without it but confirm there's a difference one lor!

p/s: And I still think that it's very absurd to do fortune telling with our mobile phone number! What if the number is not chosen by you or something like that? Weird right?!


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