Innocent year, 2002.

July 05, 2009

Omg! One of our secondary school friend cum band mates actually scan and upload pictures of us when we're in Secondary 1 to Facebook!

Secondary 1 leh!!! That's like 7 years ago!!!!

As you know, during those days, none of us can really afford to own a camera. Then usually is those people whose parents have camera, they will bring (only during some events) and then we'll have pictures taken!

And not all of us will get the pictures in the end, cause I don't know why last time we didn't go develop more copies eh! Damn stupid lor!

We'll only take a look at the pictures and that's it! -.-

So usually, it's those people who uses their camera to take the pictures, that have and keep all the photographs only!

Anyhow! It's great that my friend took the effort to scan, upload and tag us over at Facebook! Cause it brought us back memories and for some I didn't even remember those pictures had ever existed!

Well, here are some of them to share with you:

fb horror

Having pizza after national day performance with band mates!

fb horror 2

Okay, I don't know why/when is this picture taken! Should be a candid shot or something! And yes, the orange aura is given out by me. Ha!

fb horror 3

Me and ting doing crazy stunts during band practice!

Awwwww! So miss my secondary school days... :(



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