I do love Singapore!

October 11, 2009

I always feel very annoyed and pissed off with people, especially Singaporeans, who says they hate Singapore for whatever reasons and wanted to migrate to other country when they get older or something.

Like what's wrong with them seriously?

Okay, I'm not sounding patriotic here but I do think Singapore is really a nice place and they should be proud of our country! Should at least feel lucky that they're born here, in a country, where it's peaceful and safe.

I don't know, but I always feel very touched whenever I watch NDP (Seeing our country come so far and developed till this stage makes me so proud!).

Which I know many people don't!

And when I told my friends that I felt pretty emotional when watching NDP right, they'll always scold me, 'siao'. Zzzzzzz...

But but but....

Some of my friends do agree with me on a point that Singapore is somewhat a very nice place a go for holidays for people from other countries!

Cause with us being a multi-religious country, people can then find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture here! The rich culture here is really hard to find it other countries!

And I thought since most of the people already know Singapore for the good food + the great shopping places that we have....

We ought to plan something special!

If I've like friends from overseas coming here, I'll bring them to places where they never been before.. not the typical, Orchard Road etc.

I'll bring them to:

1. NEWater Visitor Centre



2. Forest Adventure

Photo Gallery (46)

Photo Gallery (24)

Photo Gallery (82)

Photo Gallery (83)

3. Holland Village



4. Turf Club

Singapore Turf Club

5. HortPark


DSCF4416 copy

DSCF4364 copy

6. Lau Pa Sat



Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience! :)

p/s: Pictures credits to whoever who took it!


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