The weather is killing us!

April 22, 2010

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Recently, due to the climate changes, everyone (including myself) is complaining about the crazily humid and hot weather!

Cause it's seriously, way too hot!!! :(

But did anyone actually thought of the reasons, why does the climate changes that much over the years? And what/who causes it?

I doubt none of us would be bothered, seriously!

But the fact that Global Warming is with us all the time, and that's the main caused of what we are all complaining now!!

Thus, caring for the environment is important!

And people are always thinking of doing something big to save or stop Global Warming, which is impossible! Like how do you stop the ice in Antarctica from melting instantly?

We all can help, no need to be anything big or ambitious!

Just by the little small acts we do in our everyday, in our daily life can already contribute to the saving and protecting our mother earth!

Like a simple reminder, of what I always tell my mum to use whenever she goes to the supermarket to shop for goceries....


Using them, rather than plastic bags!

And that actually contributes to saving the environment you know!

Stuff like; recycling of papers, do not litter, save water etc. are all the small little eco-friendly acts that if all of us do, improves the environment around us to be cleaner and healthier for all of us to be in!

I think people are all thinking that doing all these small actions don't really make any difference, but if you think of it again.. it does make a difference!

Just that we never realise only! :)

Okay! Having said so much! Here comes you guys' favourite!!!

"Let's Make Our World The Most Beautiful Home"
Music Video & Photo Contest!

A contest where you can get to win Universal Studio Singapore tickets + one-night stay at Hard Rock hotel over at Resort World Sentosa!

So from now till 20th May 2010, you guys can go over to participate at the Clean & Green Singapore Facebook Page:

HERE!!! (clickable!)

It is as simple as submitting photos on how you “Go Green” in your daily life, or a video of their happening Green Song which features MTV VJ Denise Keller, and you can stand a chance to win the Universal Studio Singapore tickets lor (there are few pairs to be won)!

Why not hop over now to see the contest details?

Let’s join this contest and help save the earth!! Fighting! :)


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