My first virgin ride!

June 14, 2010

Everybody! I'll be flying to Hong Kong later, taking the 6.50am flight!

Getting real excited now cause this will be my first time (thus I keep saying it's my virgin ride) on the plane and will be going there with Fingers, for 5 days! :D

And and and!

I know I haven't been blogging much lately, thus you guys are starting to abandon me!

But do come back and check this space cause there will be entries (advert/daily entries) posted up still, even when I'm there! Okay, feeling really crazy now cause I haven't pack my luggage yet!

Omggg! I think I should go and start packing my stuff! You all can follow me on twitter if you all wanna receive first hand updates! I might or might not be tweeting there!

Okay! Love you all! Don't pao qi me hor! :)


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  1. Guest!8:12 pm

    Have a safe trip, Ben! Hahahahaha hope you will like Hong Kong (:

  2. Bloob2:41 am

    will never pao qi you and your blog :)  enjoy yourself in hongkong ! :D Love you! 

  3. guest4:18 pm

    got do ur excuse recall?? i ord liao, don't need