Compilation of videos I took at HK!

July 09, 2010

Yeeepieeee! Here's the video that I've compile from those small clips that I randomly took during the Hong Kong trip (few weeks back)! Hahahahaha!

Initially, I didn't have the thought of posting them up at first, if not I would video down more interesting stuff and throughout the whole trip lor! But since, I think the hk trip post will take quite sometime before it's up here, so just show you all the video first hor!

Though, it's pretty like, mundane! Hahaha! T___T

Whatever lah! Just watch cause you can see the ugly me!

I know I look so horrible at some parts in the video! And I think it's because I was so so so tired (thus looking tired -.-) that time! Okay lah! Will blog more the trip soon after I can get myself to sit down and browse through the thousands of pictures I took, and edit them! Enjoy!


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  1. I was there at Disneyland! 

  2. zebra8:49 pm

    Magic Girl - Orange Caramel
    Nice choice of song dude.

    And good effort in making this video.
    haha :)

  3. heyyy can i ask how much does ur cam cost? what model is it? your HD videos are clear!

  4. Eileen Ong2:51 pm

    I dont think you look ugly or what in the video leh!
    You still look cute! ^^

    And I seriously think that you are great at making video.
    As in the song fits in perfetctly and the scene/everything goes with the flow.

    All the best, Ben!
    Xoxo. ;)

  5. LOL i freaking laughed from the start of the vid , what music is that? You made a fool of yourself LOL