Will you be watching me on TV tonight?

August 09, 2010


Hahahaha! Cause I'm involved in the NDP this year!

And obviously you guys won't be able to spot me cause there's like millions of people there (and I'll be putting on camo cream, in simple terms; my face will be covered in green & black paint), unless they love me so much and zoom the camera right into my face!

But even so, I don't think people can recognise me!

Hahahaha! Okay lah! Enough of the rubbish above!

Although I'm not very extremely patriotic, but I somehow still love our country! ♥

And for past few years, whenever I get to watch the NDP celebration, I always will feel really heart-warming and start thinking that how can this small little island come all the way through, till now and come so far somemore! So unbelievable!

Of course, involving in NDP is not easy, especially for the mobile column.

Waking up at 2-3am and travel to Kallang, wait till 2pm for the first rehearsal to start under the hot sun is seriously not funny! After the last rehearsal, everything only ended about 10-11pm! It's pretty tough, therefore you see me ranting all the time on twitter.

But it's quite an experience for me, I must say.

Now, I really appreciate those who're involve in NDP which I don't last time! And the time (burning weekends), effort and energy they sacrifice for the country's birthday!

But well, I hope everyone enjoy today! Though to most of you, it's just another public holiday!

But this year, it meant quite a something to me.


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  1. Asia News Girl11:34 pm


  2. i think i saw you at kallang this afternoon.

  3. di-er6:54 pm

    <span>Can i ask you, how does ur picture looks so clear and bright? its the camera or you edited??</span>