Ouch?!! Use Salonpas!

September 20, 2010

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You know, to be frank I've never use Salonpas before!

Even with all the raving by my friends on how frequent they use it, I really didn't have the chance to get to use it! Which makes me feel so 'sua ku'!

Cause so so so many people, uses it and love it!

And I know to most of the people out there, especially the youngsters, when they hear of the word 'Salonpas', they will immediately think that it's meant for old people! Which is rubbish lor! It's absolutely not meant for old people only!

Do you know, during the Army Half Marathon and how many runners there, went over to use Salonpas throughout the run?! ALOT!!!

And I think it's seriously effective, if not why they wanna use! Right!

So since some of us here are new to Salonpas (like me!), let's unbox it together and see what it can actually do and whether it can WOW us!


"See! What I've got on my hands! 3 boxes of Salonpas!"


"Let's see how does it looks like?"


"Hmmmm... Looks yummyyy :x"


"Whattttttt? SO THIN?"

Yes, this world’s first FDA approved pain relieving OTC patch is so thin, stretchable and flexible which forms like skin, thus makes it convenient and easy to apply!

Wanna know how big it is? Below is your answer!


Each patch size is 10cm x 7cm!


I tried to compare it with a piece of paper!

And they made it so convenient and easy for all of us!

Cause there's a slit on the plastic film side making it easier to apply than usual!


See the slit on the plastic film?


You can peel off 1 side of the plastic and apply it on the affected area first...


Then, peel off the other side of the plastic...

And you might ask, where can we apply on?!!

It's actually any where, where you feel aches and pain of muscles and also, joints associated with arthritis, sprains, bruises or even simple backache!

It somehow provides you from mild to moderate relief to these problems!


So you can apply it on your neck!


Shoulders! (Hahaha! Sexyback!)




And elbow!


Your knee!


Or even your smelly feet! Hahahahaha!

The Salonpas Pain Relief Patch, contains improved formula that allows it to penetrates quickly for fast-acting, long-lasting relief which targets the aches and sores! Also, it's clinical efficacy and safety proven by clinical trial test!

Sooo, it's really safe to use! Seriously!

Another awesome thing about it, is it's excellent elasticity and snugness!

Which then, makes it really easy to cover up those parts that you wanna apply on!

The backing cloth makes it even better cause it stretches along the movement of the skin, contributes less tension and allows good fit even on joints.


All thanks to the improved adhesion!


Not forgetting it's painless when removing!

Even if you have hair on your arms, cause I do! And it doesn't hurts!

It really sticks on firmly, but yet it is easy to peel off and most most most importantly, it has no greasy residue and leaves no mess after usage.


Somemore, it is in skin color, so it is not conspicuous!


Being impressed by this little thing already?


Don't you love it cause it can easily relief wherever it aches?

Feel like receiving some samples to try it out??!!

YES YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!

All you have to do is just to head over here and comment on how would you use salonpas!

And that's it! So simple!!!

Anyway, these Salonpas Pain Relief Patch is also already, available out there and is sold at all major pharmacies, supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores as well as neighbourhood Chinese medical halls. Yippppieeeeeee!


So do go grab one and try it out! No pain, no gain!

Ooops! Hahahahahaha!


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  1. 大人の出会いで大興奮!素敵な一夜を共に過ごせるパートナーを探しませんか?割り切った関係、肉体関係だけでもOK!

  2. ゲイにも出会いをする権利はあるのです。もちろんノーマルの方でも興味本位で登録可能ですよ、きっと女性を忘れさせてくれる位の、快楽が体験できるでしょう。専門の掲示板を無料で使ってみませんか

  3. ハッピーメールフレンド掲示板でパートナー探し!アナタの理想のメル友、恋人がきっと見つかる。ここで見付けれない人はいないと口コミでも噂に成るぐらいの高評判のサイトですよ

  4. このデコログでは芸能人と出会う事が出来ます。それこそが今の退屈な人生から抜け出すチャンスなのです。さあ皆さんも芸能人と出会い、上手くいけば芸能界デビュー??

  5. フェースブックで出会いを探すのはとても簡単!国境を越えてつながりをもてる新しいソーシャルユーティリティサイトです!フェースブックは気軽に会話が楽しめて今大人気です!